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Deluxe Guide

Cindy Nguyen

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Emblem3

Keaton Robert Stromberg
17 years old - July 16, 1996
Vocals, bass
Wesley's younger brother
Awkward; loves cats and food
Selfies; scene phase
Wesley Trent Stromberg
Drew Michael Chadwick
19 years old - December 6, 1993
Vocals, rhythm guitar
Keaton's older brother
Hilarious; hottie with the body
On-stage selfies; snapbacks
Thinks he's Shakira
21 years old - October 1, 1992
Vocals (rapper), lead guitar, writes music
Wesley and Keaton's honorary brother
Inspiring & wise; younger Ghandi
3 sing
2 are part-time
3 aren't even young
6 are on the east coast
Kyle Miner
18 years old - November 2, 1995
Really cute fuck
Saxophone, drums, pianist
E3 Original before X Factor
Show ups at place like hey idk man
Kenny Galbraith
E3 Original before X Factor
"bangin' dirty beats on the bongo"
Positive music & healing beats!
Carly Brooke Miner
Wesley's girlfriend
Former E3 Bandmate Kyle Miner's younger sister & Friend of E3
Laraine Clare Larson
Wesley & Keaton's mom
Brooke & Brianna "Breezy" Stromberg
Sisters of Wesley & Keaton
2 more sisters
Zuni & Sampson Stromberg
Most known pets of Emblem3
Zuni is Keaton's cuddle buddy
Sampson is Brazilian
William Trent Stromberg &
Anna Stromberg
Wesley & Keaton's dad & stepmom
One MAJOR Thing;
Emblem3 is
a "
band" and will
be, whatsoever, like One Direction other than the fact that they were both on X Factor.
Sunset Blvd
What 1st got them noticed
Aired 09/12/12
Most famous and original song
1st single of debut album
03/21/13 on the radio!
Came out 04/16/13
One of my favorites! :))
Santeria by Sublime
Emblem3 anthem <3
Just For One Day
Song from Nothing to Lose Album
X Factor Homecoming Song
One of their originals
Wes' hip thrusts ;*
What We'll see! :D
#E3GB2C Houston - April 21, 2013
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