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Year 10 English: Week 2 Lesson 2: Contextualising Fortune Cookies

No description

Liam Brooks

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Year 10 English: Week 2 Lesson 2: Contextualising Fortune Cookies

5-Minute Quick Write using words from Week One's spelling test
1. Reading as a class.

2. Underline key words or phrases.

3. We will complete a story graph afterwards (8 minutes).
- Create a sentence for each of the words on the list. See how maby can do.
- Sentences must make sense!

Main activity: Research
Learning intention:
To understand the Chinese tradition of the Hungry Ghosts Festival, Ying Yang Eyes and symbolism of Dragons

Success criteria:
To be able to engage in independent research and answer key questions about the Hungry Ghosts Festival, Yin Yang Eyes and the Symbolism of Dragons
Week 2 Lesson 2: Contextualising
Fortune Cookies
Reading 'When the Dragon Wakes'
1. Do some further research into the Hungry Ghosts festival, Yin eyes and Dragons in Chinese Culture and fill out the worksheet.
2. Have a look at the following websites, as well as others you find during your research.
3. Go to the class dashboard and copy and paste the website links in the lesson plan to begin researching.
- Silent and continuous writing.
1. mystery
2. government
3. brilliantly
4. coordinated
5. curiously
6. remarkable
7. impossibly
8. calligraphy
9. parchment
10. trembling
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