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The History of Walt Disney

My best friends and I worked hard on this because we love Walter Elias Disney. He touched our hearts and we love his stories. He made a world a happy place.

Harley Randazzo

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The History of Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney Walt Disney was like any ordinary
person. He was born December 5, 1901
in Chicago, IL where he was born and raised.
His parents, Flora and Elias Disney,
had two boys Walter and Roy Disney.
At the age of four Walt and his family
moved to Marceline, MO. They lived
there until 1911. Then they moved to
Kansas City and back to Chicago.
Walt then split and moved to France for Red Cross. Later he moved to Hollywood, CA for his studio. Why did we choose subject? Disney made cartoons for TV which inspired the world. He made a place where families can play together. He had a passion for drawing and
went to McKinley High School in
Chicago. Walt joined a photography
and art class. He first came up with Mickey Mouse in his office during his work hours in Disney Studios. Walt started drawing circles and it became the shape of a mouse head. Steamboat Willie, Walt Disney's first cartoon with
the first appearance of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, went public. Plane Crazy, a test cartoon, debuted beforehand. Did you know, that Walt Disney was a
contractor and builder for 20 years before
Disney Studios was created. The END Prezi by Kyrsten O , Danielle N, and Harley R THE END Steam Boat Willie was one of the first sychronized sound cartoons. Walt Disney made
this cartoon an inspiration to have kids
watch cartoons on TV not just in the theaters.
This cartoon was only about 7 mins and 23 sec long. Walt Disney's cartoon was a big success, because of the amazing sound track it gave. It was Directed by Walt and produced by Roy Disney. (Walt Disney's Brother) Steamboat Willie Then Walt Disney's fame rose when he thought of a place where families could be together and have fun, Disneyland! Construction for Disneyland began July 21st 1954. It was an estimate of 12 months before Disneyland was going to be oficially opened. 160 acres of citrus trees and 15 houses had to be moved so they could start constructing. Finally Disneyland opened 1955. Construction Time Walt Disney went even bigger with his fame and thought of a princess. Snow White was the first original Disney princess. She was the main character in Walt Disney's Animation Studios' film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, made in 1937. This film is based on a German fairy tail originally created in 1812. In 1932 Goofy first appeared in "Mickey's Revue", a cartoon shortly made by Walt Disney after Steamboat Willie. Walt got this inspiration
from a close friend of his own. Then later in 1934 Donald Duck first appeared in the cartoon, "The Wise Little Hen". The two characters were good friends with Mickey Mouse in the animation and Walt Disney was inspired from his friends he had. Walt Disney giving his grand tour to the public Walt Disney giving his speech right before opening Disneyland Ackwoledgements to Google's Wikipedia for searching up The Disney History. More credit goes to Disney Studios. com and Disney History. com. One big thanks to Youtube :)
And to our wonderful Moms' for support!

Thank You all for watching!!! But before Mickey Mouse was created, Walt had made a different character for a different company . Walt made a character named Oswald, but one day Walt had enough of the company and left. Therefore, Walt could not keep Oswald because he was signed to a different company. So Walt started to brain storm on his new character, Mickey Mouse, and almost named him Mortimer Mouse. Then he started his own company, but Oswald was one of Walt's biggest dreams. Eventually Walt Disney Studios bought the rights for the character who is now available at all the parks. Sa Sadly Walt Disney, the man who brought us
happiness, died on December 15, 1966 age 65.
We still remember him today as the greatest
man alive and his sensational success. More
Disney characters are created each year and the
story continues for Walter Elias Disney Walt's time in the Chicago Art Institute made him even more popular when his cartoons got published. He eventually opened his own company with his brother called, Disney Studios. With the team of Walt and Roy Disney the studio was a big success.
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