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Copy of Mexican Dancing

SRP power piont

Jessica Moreno

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mexican Dancing

Future Economic & Growth Trends Ballet De Folklorico The art of Folklorico dancing is a combination of ballet and mexican folk dancing History & Development Ballet Folklorico In this recession our economy is stuggling to fund and keep up performing arts programs
A majority of the population doesn't have the extra money to buy tickets for shows
In the near future I don't see the performing arts programs and companies growing larger economically The combination of ballet and folk dancing comes together to make an elegant performance 500 years ago ballets were filled with men because women weren't thought to be cabable of carrying the heavy headresses or leap as high as men could in the wieghted costumes By the the 1800s Women assumed the primary roles in romantic Ballets
The image of ballet transformed into a ballerina gliding and being lifted across the floor with little effort shown Today there are many famous ballets such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake that are known around the world Veracruz Nayarit Jalisco Each dance from these regions in mexico have their own story to tell with each movement of the dance meaning something different three two one Current & Future Trends in Technology Traditionally a performance uses a Mariachi band to play the music for the show modern technology is used to accomodate the needs of music for shows these days People really don't even have to leave there home to see a professional performance becasue of TV
This is one reason why the performing arts industry doesn't have a lot of money to fund different events Competing Businesses Two competing businesses would be different dance companies/studios
One of the most famous companies in the art of folklorico is Ballet Folklorico De Mexico De Amalia Hernandez (since 1952)
Locally, there are companies/schools such as IMBA and Aztlan De Sacramento
In January 2011 the average salary was in between $69,000-$86,000
Folklorico Dance jobs Dance
Instuctor Schedule Coordinater Costume Manager Make/Buy
costumes make sure performers have a costume that fits make sure performers have costume on the day of performance Teach the dance choreographing the dance Perfecting the dance planning an event giving the event a Date, Time,etc. making sure dancers know what the schedule is Employment Opportunities Education Requirements No official educational requirements that can hold someone back from becoming a dance teacher or dancer
All that is needed is experience and a background in dance
A good idea would be to study under another teacher
5 Educational Institutions University of California - BA degree in dance; required to be in at least one school production
Santa Monica- AA degree that consists of 22 units
New Mexico State University- BA degree and if you choose to study dance their, you have to be in their dance company
The Cornish College of the Arts- BFA degree; also teaches the business aspect of dancing for dance directors or studio owners
Juilliard- BFA degree program and many of their Alumni students have been successful with well known jobs What Did I Learn? I learned that there are so many more dance schools than I thought
I learned how much a dance instructor earns
I learned that the performing arts industry is going downhill THE END!
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