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Professional Puppet Rex Justice

No description

Eric James

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Professional Puppet Rex Justice

Professional Puppet Rex Justice
CarFax Financial Division
What his bosses say What his subordinates say
Rex’s leadership style
Boss centered, authoritarian, task style leader carrying out what is mainly a decisional role.
Advice to improve his approach to leadership
Luthans Categories of Managerial Activities
Could a leadership training program be set up to help Rex? What would it consist of?
Yes is would be helpful. The program would need to:
Fulfill a specific function
Focus on development of the four core areas
Look at motivation and rewards
Be tailored specifically to CarFax
Continually evaluated for effectiveness
Secure adequate funding and management backing
Must teach theory and application
Rex Justice may be a superhero
A number of signs point to this being the case:
Unrealistically manly name with potential connection to the justice league?
Boring job is obviously cover for him being a billionaire playboy
Removed from colleagues for fear they will discover his secret identity
Explains large signal light mounted on roof of the CarFax building
Supervisor Rex Justice
very loyal
works hard
follows the company policies
listens to the orders he receives
well liked
too concerned with pleasing his own boss
doesn't care about the needs and concerns
of the employees in his department
he is timid and a pushover
unrealistic expectations
not enough compensation
doesn't listen to the employees
makes excuses
a managerial puppet

Makes and announces decisions
Imposing use of authority
Subordinates have little freedom
Dictates whats going on
Little input or feedback from employees
Lays out and defines roles for others
Is neither informational nor interpersonal (Mintzbergs Managerial Roles)

Whetten and
Interpersonal Skill Model
Managing conflict
Motivating others
Influence/ Power
Traditional Management
HR Management
Has reasonable personal skills: Self aware, creative, good stress management. Interpersonal skills need work.
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