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mahmood alsaidi

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a social network that is used primarily for the distribution of audio tracks. If you think about a social network like Pinterest or Instagram as sharing the world in pictures and/or videos, then think of SoundCloud as sharing the world in sounds.
2- SoundCloud listeners

People who listen to audio tracks on SoundCloud can comment on what they listen to, or share it over their other social media accounts. They can also spread the music that they like over SoundCloud by reposting it to their own profile, marking tracks as "favourites", or posting tracks to a group. They can even create their own custom playlists, and sometimes even download songs that others have posted on SoundCloud
A great thing about SoundCloud is the fact that you have the option of either uploading an already recorded audio, or recording it on the spot. It’s fast, and not time consuming at all.
The fact that you could publish your music anywhere is another advantage. Being limited to just the website you’re subscribed to won’t give you any exposure, especially if you want to market your own personal songs.
There are NO LIMITS to file sizes.
How does SoundCloud work?
There are two general types of people who use SoundCloud: those who want to promote their music and audio tracks, and those who want to listen to said audio tracks.

1- Contributors to SoundCloud

Contributors can post and organize their music on SoundCloud for other people to hear, and track the demographics of people who listen to it. They can also provide links for listeners to buy and/or download their music, and publish updates on their other social media accounts whenever they post new music on SoundCloud. Some even allow listeners to use their music in certain ways.

Thank you...
How does SoundCloud work?
• Although there aren’t that many disadvantages to SoundCloud, an important one to mention is that although you could record on the spot, you cannot edit them at all. There are no editing tools, and no added effects, unless you’ve edited your work somewhere else and then upload it on SoundCloud.
• The Cost is another disadvantage; if you want to get the full package, you have to pay a hefty amount. In order to find out exactly how much you need to pay annualy or monthly, and the exact details of what you will receive by upgrading your subscription

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