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Laura KneKne

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Bahrain

Officially: The Kingdom of Bahrain
Capital: Manama
Constitutional Monarchy Consists of 741 sq. miles of land-- no internal bodies of water
Highest point --> Jabul ad Dukhan (122 meters above sea level)
Lowest Point --> Persian Gulf (0 meters above sea level)\
2.82% of its land is arable POLITICAL AND PHYSICAL MAPS Population: 728,709 people

Pop. Density: appx. 1,454 people/ sq. km

Life Expectancy: 75.15 years (average) Infant Mortality Rate:
15.09 deaths
per 1000 births Ethnic Groups of Bahrain:
62.4% Bahraini, 37.6% non-Bahraini

...Well thats helpful. Top Three Exports: Currency: The Bahraini Dinar

Exchange Rate: 0.376 Dinars per US Dollar 1.4 Million Cell Phones

Appx. 313,344.87 total TVs Chief of State: King Hamad bin Eisa Al-Khalifa
Head of Gov: Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa
Three Deputy Prime Ministers assist Prime Minister Salman Literacy Rate:
86.5% Unemployment Rate:
15% Percent Below Poverty Line:
Not Given By: Laura Knecht Bahrain Male: 72.67 years
Female: 77.78 years Prominent Religious Groups:

Muslim (both Shiite and Suni) 81.2%

Christian 9% Petroleum and Petroleum Products


Textiles Top Three Imports Crude Oil


Chemicals TECHNOLOGY Court Case Regarding Conviction of
Potential Prostitute Traffiker Delayed 27-year-old Male Bahraini imprisoned in Thailand since November

Allegedly lured Thai women into Bahrain where he and his gang forced them into prostitution

Bahraini willing to pay reparations equaling $2,625 to six of his alleged victims

Thai lawyer set to negotiate pay-off died, however, so the case has lost a great deal of its momentum.

UN Official to Visit Bahrain Along with visiting Bahrain, Navi Pillay will also visit Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Oman

Before Pillay visits, however, UNDP Admin. Helen Clark met with Bahraini officials

Meetings and talks will center around human development, the empowerment of women, and Bahrain's progress towards their set Millenium Development Goals
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