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Conflict with Native Americans

No description

Emmerson Mae

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Conflict with Native Americans

Why did the California Gold Rush and the discovery of the Comstock Lode bring settlers out west?
The biggest reason settlers moved out west was because of the discovery of Gold in California and Silver in Nevada. Mining was hope for people trying to make it big and get rich.
Conflict with Native Americans
Early American History II
Module 1 lesson 2 Remediation Assignment
By: Emma Spahr
Summarize three battles of the Indian Wars.
After the Sand Creek Massacre the hatred between white settlers and Native American tribes grew more intense. The Natives were furious at what had happened and began to fight more for themselves against the settlers. In 1876 Native Americans succeeded in killing General Custer and many of his men at the Battle of Little Big Horn. The Sioux tribe were the most involved groups. In 1890 The Sioux Indians and the US battled at Wounded knee.
How did the Dawes Act attempt to Americanize the Indians?
The Dawes Act was enforced in 1877 and attempted to americanize the Native Americans by disassembling the Native American tribal organizations.
Summarize the main point of Helen Hunt Jackson's "Century of Dishonor."
The main point was to show the treatment of the Native Americans and how it was unfair for them. It showed the horrible way the US government had treated them and taken advantage of them.
Module 1 notes
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