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The book thief & The giver

No description

leroux lala

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The book thief & The giver

Context- part II
The Book Thief
: life of an orphan, Liesel, during the Second World War. From her adoption to her own death as seen by death itself. She wants to learn from books.
Context- part I
movement: Realism
The movements are different
The characters have similar goals and evolve in an opressed city
Failed utopia
Summary & context


2.1 These stories differs because of their context
2.2 They contain similitaries thanks to the evolution of the principal characters
2.3 The stories are mostly similar from the vision of a failed utopia
The book thief & The giver
movement: Fantastic
Narrator: omniscient, death
Where: In a little city near Munich, Germany
When: Nazi Germany, 1939-1945
Who: Liesel, orphan, illiterate, fascinated with books. She wants to learn.
Narrator: Omniscient
Where: imaginary city; control
Who: Jonas; 16 years old. Chosen to be the new giver. He wants to learn
When: 2048, after a war
The Giver
: A boy lives in the future and become the new giver. He will be granted memories and knowledge that are hidden from the population. He also sees what are feelings.
The places are different
Both stories show a failed utopia
Themes of death and destruction are seen in both stories
Hitler is looking for a perfect civilization, but his vision ruined the life of his own people. Their is death & destruction, which are the proves that this utopia was a failure.
The control of the society is supposed to create an utopia. Thus, we see that Jonas finds happiness in the knowledge the society kept silence. The utopia is then not obtain by the society.
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