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Democratic Action Plan:

No description

Gabe Lucero

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Democratic Action Plan:

Democratic Action Plan:
A Discussion on Time Efficiency

Reframe the Problem &
Search for Alternatives
We are given an agenda for our grade-level collaboration time with specific, required topics for discussion.
100% of the teachers who completed my SurveyMonkey survey feel this is NOT an effective use of time.
Teachers feel they should have time to plan specific common core lessons.
Teachers would also like to have the opportunity to "bounce ideas off each other."
Some feel all this does is discuss a "flavor of the month" issue and that "we are all professionals and know what we need to get done."
Implementation of the Plan
Primary goal is for my grade-level colleagues and I to have time to discuss what we feel needs to be discussed during collaboration time.
Having the time to do so will greatly benefit our students and their specific needs.
A big part of making this happen involves getting through the required agenda ASAP and minimizing tangents and
Parties involved will be my own grade-level colleagues.
I used the amount of work we got done, along with the components of my self-assessment rubric to evaluate my progress.
Work Site Analysis
Jack Franscioni Elementary School in Soledad has about 560 students in Grades Kindergarten through 6th.
88% Hispanic. 67% ELL. 90% SED. 20% SwD. 2013 API = 794
Very giving community who truly wants to help any way they can whether or not they have the time or resources.
Students, parents, staff, and administration maintain a positive attitude and consistent communication (Most of the time).
Grade-level collaboration meetings every Thursday afternoon.
Staff meetings every other Wednesday afternoon.
Search for Alternatives (again)
Very pleased with the progress I made on the established criteria.
I created a Survey via SurveyMonkey, conducted numerous interviews, and even began implementing my plan
I have a voice?!? Cool.
As long as one's opinion is expressed in a professional, logical, and democratic fashion, it will be respected. Usually.
Higher level of confidence when dealing with veteran teachers, administration, and parents.
Having the opportunity to put together a plan such as this on a small scale has taught me anything is possible and that my opinion matters.
Are we dizzy yet?
by Gabe Lucero
California Department of Education (2012-2013).
School Accountability
Report Card 2012-2013
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Democracy and Education: an Introduction to the
Philiosophy of Education
. [Kindle Version]. Retrieved from amazon.com
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We Make the Road by Walking:
Conversations on Education and Social Change
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