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All about Science

Tasnimul Rafid

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Science

Science Machines Machines are a part of science. It is part of science which helps us in our life. Machines, such as a dish washer, can wash dishes. Some machine are made out of wood and metal. It is electrical. Magnets Magnets are peaces of metal that stick to metal. It sticks with force with hard strong metal. It attracts weak with weak peaces of metal. Metal forces can go through weak things that are not metal, such as paper. If you put a metal cup on one side of a paper it will attract with your magnet on the other side. Magnets will erase memory of a flash drive, because the magnet steals all the memory to itself. Also, a credit card. The information on the black line behind the card will get stealed from a magnet. Donut Magnet You know when you get this shock on you? Some part of you gets a static from something that shocks you. Such as if you rub a balloon on your hair, just like a magnet, but not magnetic, shock, you hair goes straight up following the static of the balloon. Same thing with a TV. Electric Shock Static
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