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Irina Zayats

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Is there life on other planets? Is there life on other planets? Martians around us THANKS FOR WATCHING! How does an alien look like? Pilar Acosta Martínez
Irene Rocamora Estañ
Sara Romero Rodríguez
Irina Zayats Martians
coming YES because... YES because... YES because... YES because... YES because... NO because... NO because... NO because... NO because... NO because... EXTREMOPHILES ON EARTH Earth harbours extremophiles organisms that can survive in extreme conditions

They live without oxygen around the edges of super-heated volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean.

There is life in the ice-covered lakes of the arctic.

There are tiny creatures called tardigrades that can survive in the vacuum of space.

Life has survived the gratest disasters on Earth MEGAVOLCANOES METEORITE STRIKES ICE AGES DROUGHTS CHEMICAL PRECURSORS TO LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS AND MOONS Life on Earth evolved from chemical reactions that eventually formed cellular membranes and proto-DNA.

There is evidence that these "precursors to life" exist on other worlds already. (Titan or Orion Nebula)

Many scientists believe that if those ingredients are common throughout the universe, there's likely to be life on other planets. RAPIDLY-EXPANDING NUMBER OF EARTHLIKE PLANETS Planet hunters have found hundreds of exoplanets, many of them gas giants like Jupiter.

New techniques have allowed to detect smaller rocky worlds like the Earth. 

Some are in the “Goldilocks zone” around their stars meaning they orbit at a distance that could produce temperatures similar to those on Earth.

One of them plays host to some form of life. OCEANS AND LAKES ARE COMMON IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM Life on Earth originated in the ocean, so this might be the case in other worlds.

Water once flowed freely on Mars. 

Saturn’s moon Titan has seas of methane  and rivers flowing across its surface.

Jupiter's moon Europa is believed to be a massive ocean, warmed by the moon's core and covered in a thick, protective layer of ice. EVOLUTIONARY THEORY Life adapts to its environments.

Evolutionary theory where life can take hold, it will.

Life will adapt to outer space too.

We may one day be meeting creatures that have evolved in ways we never dreamed possible. SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER Many UFO sightings have been proved to be something else: NOT UFOs METEORS SIMPLE CLOUDS BEAD OR BALL LIGHTING STARS, PLANETS OR

Earth is the only planet with the necessary elements to make organic life possible.

In the "Goldilocks zone" life has only started once.

synthetic life

Biologists VS. physicists and astronomers NO REAL EVIDENCE OF EXISTING LIFE IN THE OUTER SPACE NASA has been observing and researching the universe for 60 years.

Technology is very advanced and the government spend so much money researching.

As of now there is not enough evidence to say that life exist in another planet. OUR FASCINATION MAKES US BELIEVE By our human nature, our mind is full of fascination for the unknown.

In the past decade the reports of people that have "seen" a UFO has increased dramatically.

So, when someone sees this he might think this will happen. FALSE UFO SIGHTINGS Increases in technology have made it possible to alter photographs and even videos.

To alter a photograph or take something out of context is possible for anybody with basic knowledge of a computer and a digital camera.

The reports will continue increasing but none with physical proof of UFOs. BELIEVERS VS NONBELIEVERS BELIEVERS:

Assure extraterrestrial life

Confirm they have seen UFOs NONBELIEVERS:

It is impossible

Everything is a sham NEWSPAPER ARTICLES UFO’s sections

Opinion articles

Articles with true testimonies TV PROGRAMMES CUARTO MILENIO "Fourth Millennium" FILMS BOOKS The Galician UFO E.T. Oval face
Big-wide open blue eyes
Long neck Magic long fingers Not all aliens are evil or malicious. E.T. GOODNESS LOVE FOR THE CHILDREN CHARMING AND CUTE KYLE XY No navel GREEK DEITY APPEARANCE:

Deep set blue eyes
Short black hair
Intelligent memory
Long arms
Deadly tentacles Head like a big eye:

Actions No feelings

Built to destroy
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