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No description

Nico Faustino

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of TABOO

Sample Episodes
In some societies around the world, practices like thrusting hands into gloves filled with stinging giant bullet ants — and enduring the pain over and over acceptable within a culture reflect deeply held traditional beliefs or deliberate lifestyle choices. But to others outside the culture, they may seem grotesque, dangerous or... TABOO!
The Hosts
Derek Ramsay
Sample Episodes
Each 45-minute episode details a specific topic, such as marriage or initiation rituals, and explores how such topics are viewed throughout the world.
Taboo Extreme Series generally focuses on the most misunderstood, despised, or disagreed-upon activities, jobs, and roles.
TABOO EXTREME SERIES will take you beyond your comfort zone crossing the boundary between modern practices and ancient beliefs, this series showcases a mosaic of human lifestyles and values.

Valeen Montenegro
A combination of sexy lady and an adventurous hunk. Their extreme personalities will make the videos light, at the same time full of laughter and fun.
Extreme Bodies
Gender Bender
Extreme Tattoo
Guest Hosts
To make the show happier and lighter, every week they will have a guest host to have fun and explore with.
Guest Hosts: Juan Direction
Spiels theme be incorporated with the episode theme, and it will be shot outside the studio to give the viewers a more engaging experience of the topics being shown within the show.
Mini games within the show will be played during the mid spiels.
Valeen and Jojo The Love Survivor will be the mini game masters and sometimes be the players letting the guest host be the mini game masters
Inline with the topic of the vtr, Extreme Series will showcase a Pinoy version of the the topic.
Pinoy Version
Bogart the Explorer
Petra Mahalimuyak
Sagada Hanging Coffins
Living With The Dead
North Cemetery
Paulinian Transgender 2014
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