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Concept: The Law

No description

Fergus Mc Brearty

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Concept: The Law

Concept: The Law
Young People and the Law
There are laws in place in Ireland to protect young people.
Young people have certain rights and duties/responsibilities in law.
Some laws state how young people should be treated at different ages.

Lets have a look at some of these laws.
At the age of
you must attend school. Why?

When you are seven you are at the age of
criminal responsibility
. Between 7-14 it has to be proved that a child knew they were committing a crime, otherwise they are not held responsible for their actions.
Young People and the Law
When you reach the age of 12 you can be held in a
garda station

At 14
you can be employed to do some light work. You can be charged with a crime in the same way an adult can,
Minor offences committed by children under 17 are heard in a
district court
Young People and the Law
At 15
you can work part time during the school term.

At 16
you can decide to leave school. You can get a licence for a tractor or motorbike. You can get married with parental permission. You can change your name with parental consent. You can give your own consent for any medical treatment you may need.

Young People and the Law
At 17,
you can get a provisional licence, be sent to prison or join the army/navy/air corps.

At 18
you are no longer a child. You can then vote, claim welfare allowance, buy a lotto ticket, buy alcohol/tobacco or run in an election.
Pair Work Activity
Agree or Disagree?
Recap Questions
Q1. At what age must you attend school?
Q2. What age can you be held for criminal responsibility?
Q3. At what age can you get a licence for a tractor/motorbike?
Q4. At what age can you vote?
Learning Outcomes
Discover at what age you can be held for criminal responsibility

Discuss what you can do at 16

Describe what you can do at 18

Decide whether you agree/disagree with read out statements.
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