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Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs)

Background Information for Apple's, a computer company, founder.

Chris George

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs)

Steve Paul Jobs
The life
Steven Paul Jobs was one of the worlds top technology innovation leaders of all time. He died in October 5, 2011. He will be remembered by his many creative ideas of changing the world. Steve will be remembered from the soul not how it is seen from his lead company, Apple.

Steve Jobs at the age of 56 dying of cancer, and of his last words saying "Oh Wow, Oh Wow Oh Wow"

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."
Official Linked Steve Jobs Bio Video
Steve Jobs was born in February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California.

Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Steve Jobs only stayed for 1 trimester in Reed High School.

Steve got a job at a young video game maker named Atari.

Steve moved to a hippie commune in Oregon where his main activity was cultivating apples.
The Ending
Steve Jobs' Last Words
-Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovation technology leaders of all time.

-Steve Jobs is adopted.

-Steve hated school until 4Th grade when a teacher named Mrs. Hill came to him and talked him into loving his school by bribing him $5 and a piece of candy. When he loved it he promised Mrs. Hill he will do better now and he ended up skipping a grade.

-Steve was mostly growing up in Los Altos.

-Steve had a very close friend while growing up. His name was Wozniak. He was a computer expert and one of the great makers of the Apple I, Apple II, and the "Lisa" computers. -The "Lisa" computer was named after Steve's Daughter who's name was Lisa. He wanted to make this only computer ever built alone, magnificent.

-Steve Jobs invented the neXT cube which allowed Object Oriented Programming for computers.
Paul Jobs
Abdulfattah Jandali
Joanne Schieble
Steve Job's Real Mother
Steve Job's Real Father
Steve Job's Adopted Father
Steve Jobs' Garage, (The place where originally apple started.)
Steve Jobs' Daughter, Lisa.
< http://www.biography.com/people/steve-jobs-9354805 >
Steve Jobs was brave
Steve Jobs was a visionary
Steve Jobs was selfless
Steve Jobs was brave because no matter
what happened to him, he could bring himself back up and still go from where he ended. He finishes what he starts.
Steve Jobs was always visionary. He could
imagine what the world could be, and how
it would be great, then he makes it happen.
He was always "ahead of himself" which made
him a profound leader.
The fortune that came out of Apple
wasn't what he wanted at all. He only
wanted to make the world a better place
from his ideas and creations. He never wore the
fanciest of clothes, or shoes. He just wanted to
show the world what it can do if
you push hard enough.
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