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Byron Lee

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

DBS 2012-2013 Toastmasters Club Our Vision To promote the art of speaking

To enrich student’s spoken English skills

To equip students with public speaking tactics

To let them manage any conversation/speeches for every occasion The Officials President
Byron Lee Vice President - Education
Alexander Yen
Chester Lai Vice President - Membership
Daniel Mok Vice President - Public Relations
Zack Wong Secretaries
Limichi Okamoto
Cedric Cheung Sargent- at-arms
Kelvin Chan Treasurer
Robin Wong
James Kam Teacher in charge
Ms. Chartina Jia Year Plan Recruitment Period 20th – 27th February In this period, we are opened for applications. Interview Period 4th – 8th March Applicants will go through a screening process. Demo Meetings 18th March (TBC) Professionals will be invited to meetings. Regular Meetings 4th April - Exams We will conduct regular meetings 2 times a month Regular Meetings - Layout Reception and Introductions Topic Briefing Prepared Speeches Break ~10 minutes Practice Speeches Evaluation of speeches Meeting Adjourned Briefing of a specific topic
Introduction of particular skills
Every meeting is devoted to a particular set of skills Prepared Speeches (selected from the previous meeting) Practice of skills introduced in the Briefing session Comments on Speeches by evaluators (different members every meeting) Recruitment - How to Join? 1. Put down your information on application sheets
(Concentrated in G7-G8 corridors) 2. An interview will be conducted by our committee members
You will be informed through mail THANKS *Guests and VIP(s) will be invited on special occasions *We'll hold a recruiting session immediately after the E&RE Period Joint meetings with other clubs
Exchange of skills
Socializing END Thanks for listening
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