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Space Project by Joshua Dunbar

No description

joshua m

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Space Project by Joshua Dunbar

Gliese 581g Space Exploration Introduction About Gliese 581g Impact Earth's System Strange things about Gliese581g Gliese 581g is the first planet that astronomers
have found outside our solar system that they say
has a 100% chance of having life on it.

I want to find out how Gliese581g is like Earth. Gliese is a planet like earth. It is one of many exoplanets but it is the first to fit all the
criteria for life. Planet G (AKA Gliese 581g) has a diameter of 1.65 to 1.91 x 104 km, its mass is 1.85 to 2.56 x 1025 kg. It is just 20 light years away from Earth (118 000 000 000 miles)
Gliese's orbit is just 36.6 Earth days. Glieseis in the Libra constellation. But it is in the milky way The impact of space exploration on society and the
environment is all around us. The impact of finding
Gliese 581g is that one day we might be able to live on it. This is making scientists work harder on better
and faster space travel.

Some times when the scientists are looking at one thing it leads them to find somthing else. This hapend while exploring Venus when they found
the impact of toxic rain on Venus and then understood how to protect Earth's Ozone layer. There are lots of other things that space exploration
has contributed to our society:

-solar energy
-satellite abilities
-World Wide Communication Earth is part of a system that includes the sun ,
moon and 8 planets plus a dwarf planet.
The sun gives us light and warmth. The moon gives us tides.

The movement of the moon in front of the sun makes it look like the sun is disappearing. This is called a solar eclipse. The sun is much larger then the moon
but as the is closer to Earth its an optical illusion that the sun disappears to the few parts that see the solar eclipse When the moon moves in front of the Earths shadow
it looks like the moon has vanished. This is called a lunar eclipse. This type of eclipse is seen by alot more people than a solar eclipse.

These phenomena occur due to the movement of the different bodies in space.

I wonder if Gliese 581g has the same phenomena? IN 2007 when they discovered Gliese581g they found a signal. The signal was sharp "laser like".
Then astronomers saw a pules of light coming from
Gliese581g. Some people believe that there is intelligent life on Gliese581g and they are around the same technology level as us and that they just discovered a planet like theirs so they are sending laser beams to our planet to see if there is life on it
and signals, but we are sending lasers signals and even twitter messages to that planet to see if there is life. Gliese581g is also in the habitable zone from there star so there is a really good chance of life on it. The only thing that may not cause life to be there is that their planet does not rotate like ours (it rotates a little) so one side bakes in the sun and the other side is freezing cold but right in the middle is perfect for life to evolve. Traveling to Gliese Scientist have been trying to make light speed spacecraft for a long time,but some scientists think that building a wormhole portal would be faster. They would build one near Earth, it would take them a while to get there but they could send space probes to build one by Gliese 581g and when it was done we would have a fast way to travel to Gliese, but there was a problem with that and it was that you needed to wrap your space ship with negative energy and that might not even exist. THE END CREDITS -SPACE.COM -SLATE.COM -PLANETS.ORG BY JOSHUA DUNBAR
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