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Canada's Wonderland

Technology Presentation - Mr.Pora's Tech Class!

Yen [Saturdayy]

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonder-land! Located in Canada! Toronto! Address: 9580 Jane Street, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6 Canada's Wonderland is an exciting place filled with many rides and games. It's an amazing amusement park where you can hang out with your friends and/or family and go on the rides together. Canada's Wonderland is a well known amusement park in Canada because it is in a well known city (Toronto). It is also a common place to visit. To get to Canada's Wonderland
you can take a ramp on to ON-400
W, then take exit 359 to merge
onto ON-400 N towards barrie. Next,
take exit 35 for Regional road 25/Major Mackenzie Drive. Turn right onto Major Mackenzie Drive W/ Regional road 25. Lastly, turn right onto Jane St/Regional road 55 (Canada's Wonderland). said in frame #2. The newest ride is called Leviathan. There are many fun and famus roller coasters like:
Backlot Stunt Coaster, Behemoth, Dragon Fire, Drop Tower, Flight Deck, Minebuster, Night Mares, Orbiter, Psyclone, Shockwave, Skyrider, The Bat, Thunder run, Timewarp, Vortex, Wildbeast, Windseeker & More! Canada's Wonderland rides are famous for different things from hight to speed. Not only are there fun filled rides at Canda's Wonderland but amazing foods and shows too! You can see DINOSAURS at Dinasoaurs-Alive and you can go swimming in Splash-works where the lazy river and water slides are favories! There are delicious treats like Alphorn Funnel Cakes, Ice Cream Sandwhiches (cookies with ice cream), Hamburgers, Pizza, French Fries, Donuts, Popcorn & a BUFFET! Introduction! Directions! What's in Canada's Wonderland? Canada's Wonderland is a fun place to visit, if you don't believe it come see for yourself! directions and adress is located on side show. For more information visit www.canadaswonderland.com Canada's WOnderland Commercial in 1989! By : Yolanda 7-7 Canada's Wonderland has many rides as
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