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TEMPLATE - Zero to 100

Available at prezzip.com

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Transcript of TEMPLATE - Zero to 100

Separate elements
You are in control in this prezi template! Turn the knob and keep the focus.
With plenty of buttons, knobs, sliders
and flashing lights you create a
perfect prezi in no time!
This is your Dashboard, you are in control
First, turn on the power of your prezi.
Your audience is listening!
Time to get this thing started.
Start at zero
At 10, ad your text about how to reach 10% or go on to 20...
We've completed our story. From here we
can go into detail.
Lets bring on some
nice graphic elements!
A horizontal slider:
Some buttons:
And for your figures:
Use this button to turn ideas on or off.
Just overlay the green button and your ideas are clear.
Add some facts.
Maybe some numbers.
A nice prezi,
build in no time.
Need to present some figures?
This sliders are build like a chart.
Insert some numbers or facts.
Place as many buttons as needed.
Higher and higher...
We did it!
From 20 you can follow the steps up to 100.
Ad your own story.
For now we jump to 100 and continue this prezi.
Thank you for watching!
This prezi and many more inspiration:
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