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Building Blocks of Interviews

No description

Piya Bose

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Building Blocks of Interviews

Building Blocks of Interviews
Preparing for an interview
Research the organization
Mission, vision, values
Familiarization with the website
Research the people within the organization
The people you will be meeting & major leaders
Get practice questions from other folks in the industry or career center
Interview someone else
Practice interviews
Phone, video, or in person - record and watch yourself
Know your bad habits and work to improve
Prepare questions to ask the hiring committee
Know the schedule & requirements (such as a presentation)
Prepare portfolio (if using)
Know your industry - what is required
Best pieces of work
Newspaper clippings
Awards, certificates
Artist - select best pieces of work (depending on medium, photographs may work)
Getting an interview
Search for jobs
Networking within your industry
Social Media/Web presence
Getting an interview
Preparing for an interview
Day before the interview
Day of the interview
Interview follow up
Day before the interview
Review materials about organization
Select outfit (we'll look at another Prezi)
Have a map/directions to your first meeting
If staying in a hotel, ensure you have all your toiletries
Have briefcase or bag prepared - pens, notebook, portfolio, questions, other personal affects needed during the day
Practice presentation
Shaking Hands
Firm - don't cut off blood circulation
Duration - 2-3 pumps, max
Stand up straight
Introduce yourself
Look the person in the eyes, repeat their name
Smile! :)
Day of the interview
Eat breakfast/lunch - high energy foods that will keep you "on"
Do exercises or activities that promote calmness & positivity
Turn off your phone before you go into the interview (no buzzing)
Arrive early & introduce yourself to whomever is present
Shake hands when you meet folks and say good bye
Smile (unless it's inappropriate)
Be charming and funny (when appropriate)
Do not use bad language, do not tell inappropriate jokes
Say thank you
Ensure you know the hiring committee's timeline
Follow Up
Thank you notes/e-mails to individuals
Follow up with your contact for updates if timeline they set has passed
Follow up with HR is appropriate
If not offered the job - stay classy and keep searching
If you are offered the job - learn to negotiate, and decide if it's the right position for you
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