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John Cleveland Osgood

No description

Austin Paschke

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of John Cleveland Osgood

Robber Baron Or Captain of Industry?
John Cleveland Osgood
Took control of White Breast Mining Company
Founded the Colorado Fuel Company in 1887.
Colorado Fuel Company merged with Colorado Coal and Iron Company
69,000 acres of coal land
Undisputed Fuel King of the West
Robber Baron
Baby Osgood
Too Cool For School
How He Acquired His Wealth?
How He (or his related industries) Treated Workers?
Osgood wanted only the best for himself and his workers
Built cottages for married/couple workers
Inns for single workers
Established Welfare Capitalism
Built a modern hospital for the workers in Pueblo, CO
Used Redstone, CO as company town
"...if treated like gentlemen..."
How He Spent His Money?
Built a castle for his second-wife:
Had 42 rooms
Tudor Style Mansion
Was 24,000 square feet
Cost $1.35 million dollars in modern money.
How He Donated His Money?
He constructed a school to educate the children of workers:
Completed in 1902
Total cost of $25,000 dollars ($675 in modern dollars)
AT age 14, went to work as an office boy for a textile manufacturing firm in Providence, RI
Two years later, hired as a bookkeeper by the William H. Ladd Produce Commission in NYC
Attended Peter Cooper Institute (night school) at the same time
Graduated at 19, got his degree in accounting.
John Cleveland Osgood
Colorado Fuel And Iron Company

Osgood's Young Years
Birthdate: March 6, 1851
Born in Brooklyn, New York
Had two siblings
Sister: Julia
Brother: Charles
Started out as an orphan
Father adopted him at age 6
Moved to Burlington, Iowa
The Death of Osgood
Diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1925
Died in mansion on January 4, 1926
Ashes were scattered throughout the Crystal River Valley
Thank You! :)
Any Questions?!
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