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History of Art III

No description

Judy Vanderpool

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of History of Art III

Art History Journey of Spring '10 CHALLENGE CONVENTION Check out my blogs at
Thomas Cole MY QUESTION? Can our circumstances
sensor our intake and
output of Art? Don't forget about my
paper/ folder portfolio Welcome to my mind My question revolves around me
and what i am going though. i don't
care if people think it's subjective; ins't
everything, if we think about it.
life is unique to us all;
we should delve into what
intersets us, should we not?
and that i shall.
Many times one thinks
of words to say, but hijacked
again, oh it wasn't grand anyway.
One could ponder how if people and
history repeat how has anyone made progress?
Afraid of nothing and no power to lose only
to gain the fear of regess not present.
With a mind of ones own and feelings to protect,
so be it that one shall share but in contact not.
With nothing to gain or lose for the sake of self
one should edevor alone, with out searching and
learning greatness could never be known.
Silent or aloud this one is progressing alone.

Aloud, alone. If something makes you think
should it not be considered art?
a picture, a poem, a painting,
a poem, a landscape, a persons outfit?
i think that if something intrigues the imgination
it should possibly be considered art. So this class has been more of a
silent one for me, i realize that
i am quiet but its not that i don't
think i do but i dont know if i should
really share due to the fact that there
are many artist and other people who
seem more in touch with art than i am.
i talked to alex and told her we are
in class and maybe should talk inclass a
bit more, but we will see where things
go from here:) www.learnarthistory.wordpress.com
Power: demystify art,
ideologies, politics My self collgue from
the first day of school
was the pink cloth girly
& earthy, the black and
silver sparkles structured
but not boring and the picture
and words of self- acceptance. Work together & think together
Inquire & research:
share, attentive documentive
learning, discover/ creat Think of it; why was it made?
meaning, power See: describe, reflect
illustrate, create Things we've learned
realism, tennerbism,
baroque Artisit: Ruben,
Callot, Rembrandt,
Diego Valequez,
and we watched a video
on John Berger Paintings from class by:Bernini
Carravaggio, Gentelschi, Poussin
and Deigo Valequez
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