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The Wave Plot Map

No description

Nicolas Crogh

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of The Wave Plot Map

Rising Action
When the conflicts starts to rise and increases. The peek of action

A conflict that start in the story.
Most exciting conflict of the story. Or the top of the conflicts.
Exposition is the beginning
of the story, and it gives
information about the different characters.
Falling Action
When the conflict of the
story starts to decrees.
The result of the conflicts
The wave
Exposition of The Wave

The story starts out in a high school called Gordon High School. The beginning of The Wave starts
in Mr. Ben's a history class.
Laurie Saunders
Ben Ross
Christy Ross
David Collins
Amy Smith
Conflict of The Wave
Ben Ross shows a movie about the Holocaust. The students get upset about the graphic movie. He does an experiment of the nazis on the students.

Rising action in The Wave
The wave is starting to increase and more and more people are starting to join the wave.
Climax of The Wave
The wave is taking over the school and almost everyone has joined it bye now. There was an indecent where a jewish kid got beat up because he didn't want to join the wave. This made big news in the school.
Falling action of The Wave
The school news paper made a big article
about what the Wave was. They explained
what happens to the student who got beat up.
People started thinking if they should keep on
being a part of the wave or not.
Result of The Wave
Ben Ross has to end the wave by showing all the members what The Wave really is. He gathers everyone to the auditorium and shows them a photo of hitler and says that he is their real leader.
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