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Entry to the Webicina social media campaign

Tamás Horváth

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Webicina

The story of the online presence
of ENT House Budapest
Tamás Horváth MD
The story starts at the end of the 90's
For me, internet was email + searching
But around 2007-2008
I discovered web2.0
It was like discovering that icebergs
are much bigger underwater
Meanwhile, in 2008, we established our otorhinolaryngology based private practice, the ENT House Budapest
I decided to build up
a web2.0 based online presence
for ENT House Budapest
1 - started a webpage (www.enthouse.hu - Sept. 2008.)
2 - started a blog (www.enthouse.blog.hu - April 2009.)
3 - started to share content
on many other web2.0 platforms
(> May 2009.)

- authentic
- constantly creates useful information
- up-to-date
- gives the possibility of immediate interaction
- you can show what you are. Not more, but not less
- generates traffic to the website
- cheap
+ Giving questionnaires to all the patients in ENT House Budapest

- How do they use internet for medical purposes?
- What do they expect from web2.0 in medicine?
- What do they think of the online presence of ENT House Budapest?
Revision a few months later:

- Are the patients satisfied with our online presence?
- Am I satisfied with that?
- What are the statistics (visits, reblogs, comments, etc.)
- What are the best web2.0 tools for us, and for what purposes?
Rethinking strategy
"Content is king"
Some of the conclusions I realised

1 - Creating information is harder but gives much better results than just sharing. If somebody loves his job, writing about it is not hard at all!!

2 - Avoid redundancy, it worsens efficacy. (That's why I left only one microblog, twitter, and closed the friendfeed and posterous account)

3 - Avoid bilingual tweeting, followers don't like it. (That's why I divided our twitter account into an English (@ENTHouse) and a Hungarian (@ENT_House) account.
Blogging, blogging, blogging...
I realised that more colleagues read the blog than I have ever dreamt about!
Rethinking again

I started to write more and more blogposts for doctors, but try to avoid unnecessary Latin expressions and try to draw more pictures for patients to understand the topic
Jan. 2010 - Started a monthly blog carnival with some other Hungarian medical bloggers in topics that are covered by most of the medical fields (diabates, alcoholism, etc.)
However, the project is now closed, most of these bloggers already discontinued blogging......
We are nearly
at the end of the prezi!

Finally, what is the benefit of web2.0
for ENT House Budapest (and me)?

- Keeping colleagues up-to-date
- Patient education at a professional level
- With more than 100.000 visits on the blog
- Keeping contact with other ENT doctors from abroad
- With more than 900 followers on twitter
- Keeping contact with patients in an easy way
- With more than 150 followers on facebook
- Invitations to give lectures on conferences about internet and medicine
- More patients coming to our practice
- Building a brand
Thank you!
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