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No description

P. Strasser

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Tigers

of the
Jungle. What are these
amazing beasts? Or should we protect them? Should we
them? Tigers are found in Bengledesh,
Cambodia, China, Leos, Vietnam, and
Sumatra. There may be other places to find them, too. An artist's idea of what the maltese tiger looks like. A black tiger. Two white tiger cubs. Fun Facts A golden tabby tiger. Bibliography:


Swamp Tigers
By: ????? As you read, you should be able to decide. There is an estimated thirty golden tabby tigers in the world. A tigon is a cross of a male tiger and a female lion. A tigon. There is also such a thing as a liger. A liger is a cross between a
female tiger and a male lion. A liger. The sabertoothed "tiger" wasn't a tiger at all. Tigers...
A territorial creature. Female tigers tend to put their territories near their mother's. A tiger marks their territory by: Spraying No.1 on trees, Dropping No.2 on paths, And rubbing their own scents using special glands. The sabertoothed "Tiger" A quick fact: Should we protect the mystical species of Tigers? Pop Quiz!

(Just Kidding) You decide. Tiger species The black tiger isn't a real species or subspecies. Neither is the white tiger.
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