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The Bully by Paul Langan

No description

Jamirah Corbitt

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of The Bully by Paul Langan

The Bully By Paul Langan The protaganist is this story is Darrel a boy who attends Franklin High School. They say in "He was alsoo skinny, without a respectful muscle in his body." He has to move from his old neighborhood to California when he has to end up attending Bluford High. Charateriztion. The antagonist is a guy named Tyray. Tyray and his friends have the tendency to mess with Darrel because he's the new kid. Tyray has muscles, mustache, and everytlookshing. He as if he should be out of high school. He's like the class clown, and starts trouble. Exposition The story takes place in late 2001 in fall. It starts in Philadelphia where Darrell Mercer was born and raised. His father passed away and his mother began to struggle, so his Uncle Jason moves him and his mother to California. Minor Characters: Amberlynn, Harold, Uncle Jason, Travis, Nate,& Malik. Mood/Tone The mood can be very agravated and miserable. Darrell hates living in California.
He says in the story. "I hate living here, it's nothing like Philadelphia." But it changes at the end of the story at the end he feels as if he accomplished something and bravery.
The tone was paranoid like he said "I. . .I mean bulford" his voice stammered. Point Of View Type: 3rd Person
Effect: The type of point of view impacts the story because you dont gets into detail about certain things that happens in the story. If it was in 3rd person it would have used "I" more often. Also, it would get in to deeper detail about how the main character is feeling. Figurative Language Type: Similie
Example: "Darrell's first look at California was of a desert rimmed by chocolate colored laguana mountains."

Type: "You aint had no clues, Try walkin' in my shoes."

Type: Hyperbole
Example:b Darrell saw how pathetic the rest of the world." Literacy Technique Flashback: Darrell remembered when him and his made a promise to never snitch. "Back home Darrell and his friends made it a rule never to bring adults into their problems." Rising Action First Tyray and his friends began to bulll Darrell just because he was nice enough to say hi to them while he was at the store. Then, it became an every day thing and they started to take his lunch money knowing he couldn't afford it. Last, they made him leave Amberlynn at the dance by herself. Climax The climax of the story is he told himself that he was not going to give Tyray his mother's hard earned money anymore. Finally Darrell stood up to Tyray for the first time in lunch. Tyray no longer had any power over Darrell because he was not afraid. Falling Action He felt brave enough to not let Tyray bully him. He had a new group of friends but he felt as if he was right back at home in Philadelphia. Resolution Darrell learns that it's not worth losing your dignity and be miserable. "I rather not give my money to Tyray and be miserable then to give him my mother's hard earned money and still be miserable." Internal and External The internal Darrell thinks he's short and too skinny. He doesn't think he's tall enough or doesn't think he looks his age. He has very low self-esteem.
The external conflict is he continously gets bullied. He gets teased at school. Even his own Uncle Jason has something to say about his size. He gets repeatedly mesed with by Tyray and his crew. It's become to the point where he gets nervous everytime he sees him and doesn't want to go to school.
Theme Everyone has an opinion on you , it's just up to you if you want to live by what they think about you. This relates to everyday life because a lot of people get called names or get teased some of them take it in and live by what people call them which can be negative or positive. The people who brush off what people say live their life how ever they prefer to. Reflection Yes, I did enjoy the story. I did because it showed how people feel when they are getting bullied or abused. You really never know how it feels not in less you've been through it numerous times. Also, how people get bullied feel when they see other people get bullied get bullied. They get filled with anger because they know how it feels to be mistreated that way. I got an understanding of why people do what they do when they get bullied. They get embarrassed and stressed out. They also feel worthless. I don't understand how people/bullies can live knowing they're hurting and feeling worthless.
I think this book is good for elementary kids and up because a lot of children in this age group get bullied and even mistreat them selves. If they read this book it might make a difference in their life.
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