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Erynn Quirk

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Password

Kill the
Erynn Quirk
Technology Period 4

What is the major problem with passwords today?
Passwords are too short and easy to figure out.
What are some basic, easily searchable and easily found, pieces of information a hacker needs about someone in order to gain access to a password/online account?
Your name, and the city you were born in.
What are the major trade-offs when it comes to any security system online?
Privacy and convenience.
Read the sidebar item titled, “A Hacker in Action.” What types of information did the Apple rep ask for to verify the account that the hacker didn’t know, but made up on the spot?
The names of friends, and the last 4 numbers on a credit card.
What are the two most popular passwords in use today?
Password and 12346.
Besides using a weak password, what is the next most common problem with passwords? According to the author, this is “what really kills you.”
Using the same password for every account is not a good idea and "kills" everyone.
What is phishing?
Imitating a famous website and asking for someone's username and password.
What is malware?
Computer programs that hide on someone's computer and send their data to a server that can easily be accessed by a hacker.
List the four don'ts of password use.
1. DON'T reuse old passwords.
2. DON'T use dictionary words as a password.
3. DON'T use standard number substitutions.
4. DON'T have a short password.

List the four do's of password use.
1. Enable two-factor authentication when offered.
2. Give bogus answers to security questions.
3. Scrub your online presence.
4. Use a unique email for password recoveries.
What is two-factor authentication?
Using another password or code sent to the person who tries to get account information from a strange place.
What are biometrics?
Scanners that detect biological information unique to every person.
What is the future of passwords and online security?
The future of passwords is a combination of two-factor authentication and biometrics.
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