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Analysis of "Blackened" by Metallica

An analysis of the song "Blackened" by famous rock metal band Metallica.

Aminah Grant

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Analysis of "Blackened" by Metallica

METALLICA Metallica is an american heavy metal band from Los Angeles. The Band formed in 1981. Metallica sold an estimated 100 million recordes worldwide . Metallica is described as one of the most influencial thrash metal rock bands ever with their hit album "Master of puppets" that came out in 1986. In 2009 metallica was put in the Rock and roll hall of fame. They has band released 9 studio albums, 24 music videos and 45 singles. d Band Members James Hetfield Robert trujillo
Lars Urlich Kirk Hammett Dave mustaine Cliff Burton Jason Newsted Ron McGonvey h n h g g t 6 r s 5 u f To this day we do believe metallica is stiill going strong. they released their new studio album "LuLu" in 2011. j n f f e e The song we will be analysing is "Blackened by" Metallica. This song is the opening track for Metallica's fourth album "......And justice for all" (1988) "Blackened" by Metallica The song Blackened is a very angry, upbeat, song. It talks about nuclear war,
the ending of human Race through destruction, and pollution of the enviroment. But the question is why would Metallica create this song at the time that they did? what's was really going on? Song Analysis The Cold war a h h "The world had never
anything like this." j Let's start with the
Cold war. A very
destructive and
Dark time in World history. The All though the alliance between the untied states and the soviet union had brought victory in World war II, The Cold War between the U.S and the soviet union was half a century of Military build-up, war, death plauges, missles and rebellion. one three two one 2222 t war death end of the world This is Joseph Stalin he was like the leader of the soviet union or communist he wanted to control
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