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CoCT Road Safety Strategy

No description

JP Smith

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of CoCT Road Safety Strategy

Road Safety
Municipal Court Capacity:
- 3 more magistrates
- 2 more prosecutors
- 8 more admin staff

> MOU with DOJ/NPA
Traffic Enforcement Task Team
Biggest killers!
- Ghost Squad
- Taxi Unit increased
- Taxi Ghost Squad
- Traffic By-law
> cellphone impoundments
> PTI enforcement coming
- "spy cars" added & upgraded
- Operation Restore
- Operation Reclaim
- drunk driving focus
- name and shame
- BMT lane enforcement
- road haulage unit
- speed over distance
- Operation Exodus
1000 lives saved
- Proxy fine holders
- Vehicle registration renewal process
- Reward for info for dodgers with warrants in conjunction with 100
Impoundments vs fines
> 4633 impoundments in last 3 years - MASSIVE INCREASE
>> creates challenge of space availability at pound
>> new pound opened in Ndabeni & planning for next one underway
> new vehicle pound
> trippled our capacity
> had to slow down when we reached 60% capacity BUT NOW...
- impoundments of cellphones!
> which will reduce distracted driving - one of 4 worst problems and
> therefore road fatalities we do not do this for the money and not for
> the sake of doing enforcement
>> this is so that all our motorists can stop engaging high stakes
>> gambling with their lives and that of their family every time they
>> drive because they do not know what the person into he next car is
>> going to do wrong
>>> Ashraf Parker from RTMC was urging other metros to follow Cape Town
- Alcohol
- Speed
- Distracted Driving
- Safety Belts
Traffic Enforcement Resources
> slow budget & staff growth
> kerbside parking rent-a-cops
> Traffic Reservists & LE Auxiliary Service
> PTI & IRT Units
> LE power expansion
The End
RTMC says Cape Town and Western Cape are No. 1 in road safety!
accident hotspots
importance of road traffic safety
murders in WC vs road deaths

the 2200 people who died on our roads at the start of 2006 is the same number that die every year from murder and gang violence
> our roads used to be as dangerous as the ganglands
Importance of training
size vs quality
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