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Sociology: Agents of Socialisation

a closer look at the agents of socialistion eg primary socialistion; cultural values, norms, roles & Secondary socialisation; Education,peer groups, Mass media, work and religion

shelley ferguson

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Sociology: Agents of Socialisation

Conclusion Thank you for your attention! And one more thing... is here Agents of
Socialisation The family: Changing Values
Traditional extended
Modern extended
Single parent BBC Short Films:
Family Values, Norms and Culture.
Consider Ethno centrism Primary Socialisation Activity 3

P 59 Cultural Values and Norms

Rolling Society slide show Reasons:
Equal opportunties
Equal Pay
Changing roles
Social Impact of historical events eg War
Changes in social class
Changes in education
Divorce Activity 1:
Go to Page 57 in your handbooks The Valakati Family P58 Handbook Activity 2 Education "hidden Cirriculum"

Peer Groups

Mass Media


Religion Agents of secondary Socialisation Activity 4 : The music Game Listen the the songs from popular culture in 4 different era's
What do these songs reflect in relation society at that time ?
Think about social roles, Values, culture, norms Agents of socialisation are factors which influence our values, norms, culture and roles we perform in society.

Primary socialisation- Family
Secondary socialisation- peers, work, education, religion, mass media For next week read 55- 64 and complete exercise on p 64
A formative assessment will take place covering concepts covered in LO1 Thank you for your attention
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