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S.W.O.T Analysis

No description

zain kahhaleh

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of S.W.O.T Analysis

0 s w o T Traffic jams all the day long . Circulation and linkage Lake of awareness of street
regulations . No pedestrian streets Lake of parking areas
according to street area . No phosphoric footpaths Services & Infrastructure Poor street network . Lake of signage system that lead to the street witch makes it difficult for new visitors to reach . No traffic signs and lights that organize pedestrian and car circulation . Pavement needs improvements . Bad signage system No street furniture :-
*No sitting area’s No treatments for kids nor disabled No enough trash cans Clinics Street is not divided into zones according to functions Electricity lines need considerations & Lighting elements need new design and elements. Drainage system need to be renovated Image & identity No street furniture :-
No public toilets
Pavement needs improvements .
Street needs to rebuilt . Street in general is visually disturbing due to litter , traffic jam , bad signage system . Street gives an impression of a poor area Clock square does not serve as good as a plaza Its not iconic No green areas air pollution Architecture & Landscape Most buildings are 3 stories high . Architecture & Landscape :- No open spaces for new developments . No artistic buildings or elevations No shading system . Its not active at night (no safety to walk in at night time) . Social No unity in buildings No active and open facades.
No active frontages .
No gathering spaces . Economics : no life at night limits income . No economic budget from government
To develop street ( threat ) . Circulation and linkage Roads are limited by the building offset which makes it impossible to wide the street . Density of people and cars cause car fumes and diseases which cause air pollution and sickness . New development and building might cause old building to be neglected Density of people and cars air pollution and diseases . Because of damages in street and lake of services it will cost a lot to development . Services & Infrastructure Image & identity Social Economics : Street is a one wide line .

Shops are distributed among the street which makes it easy to reach . Circulation and linkage Easy to reach due to its location in the downtown (easy to find ) .

A parking exists for cars that move in the street . Rules organize cars circulation . Services & Infrastructure Enough lighting is provided for night vision .

Drainage system is provided for area . A mosque witch is a landmark is located in the streets . banks are distributed among the street Journals & news papers kiosk exists .

Water circulation system is available Image & identity Good reputation for quality of shops and clinics . variations of functions of buildings Pure commercial area . Wasfi al tal street mosque Clock square It’s a linear rood that loads to the mosque ( identified ) . Architecture & Landscape Building materials are long aged materials .

Variety in landmarks . Busy all day time calm at night . Social It’s a popular street.
Easy to communicate with the local people . Similarity in social conditions for people that visit street .shooo hae m3naha :P High economic place .

Good quality moderate prices . Economics : Ability to widen pavements

Street is a spine that leads to secondary streets . Circulation and linkage
Infrastructure is available but needs improvement

New lighting system should be created Services & Infrastructure Image & identity good reputation for facilities in street .
landmarks can identify the street
Clock square can become a good plaza and gathering space with good landscape. Architecture & Landscape
Strong community spirit

Safty and security during daytime. Social
Because its a pure commercial area it provides a high income for investments in the street. Economics :
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