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Natalie Oleksinski

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of God-Teacher

Prometheus Summary
•Prometheus felt compelled to give man the gift of knowledge and fire
•Prometheus tricked Zeus with the sacrificial bull
•Prometheus taught man how to use fire to make tools and other useful items
•Zeus punished Prometheus for disobeying him by chaining him to iron fatters, and sent a crow to tear out his liver each day to torment.

By: Sebastian, Klaudia, Micaela and Natalie
Summary-God Teacher
People needed to create gods, and godly teachers to confirm that all of which they were doing stemmed from divine instruction.

Man has always had throughout history a great desire to understand, or have some knowledge of a divine creator.

God-teachers are people who have big impacts on our lives. These people do what is better for others than themselves.

Prometheus was more of the alternate godly teacher, more like the serpent, he wanted to give man all knowledge. Prometheus was the wise god who took pity on mankind.
1. “Prometheus realized that in this state man would not know how to take advantage of his upright posture. What man needed, he saw, was the chance to develop his mind.”
2. “At first the men were afraid of what Prometheus had told them. Stolen from the sun? Brought down from Olympus? Surely it was death to meddle with such a thing.”
3.“This is a gift that I bring to you mortals. It is called fire and is stolen from the sun. But it’s a dangerous gift and you must learn to treat it well. It is greedy for wood and needs to be fed constantly, but if you feed it too much, it will be out of control and kill you. If ever it does get out of your control, you can subdue it with only one thing – water. Treat it with respect and it will be the key to much happiness.
4. “I’m not so sure that it will bring them happiness. Soon, mark my words, they’ll be at war in those chariots, killing one another with those swords and spears.”
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