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Integrity Pacts

No description

nyasha frank mpahlo

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Integrity Pacts

Integrity Pacts
Political Will
Mutual Partnership
It is a written agreement between a public authority and a community that promotes both parties to refrain from corruption and collusion to promote efficiency in service delivery
IP's should be able to..
Benefits of IP's
Case Studies
Ghana - Waste Collection Services
Accra Municipality signed Integrity Pact Accra Residents (Year 2000)
Programme for Transparent Contracting
Objectives.. cont
promoting citizen’s active participation and support for the public authority.
Case Study
Enhanced access to information, which increases the level of transparency and integrity in public contracting
Case Study..
Thank You

to ensure the transparent administration of public resources and funds
establishes a monitoring system that provides for independent oversight and increased government accountability in the use of public resources
Greater confidence and trust in public decision-making

Contract values that match or are below original budget estimates reducing the cost of public contracting
Lack of real political will:
Political changes:
Insufficient interest of the media to report on the results:
Insufficient access to timely and reliable information on the contracting process
Limited technical expertise within civil society group on the sector covered by the contracting process:

355 000 inhabitants
Management Issue – Contracting of waste collection services
Waste collection contract ($32million per annum)
Contract was for 4 years

TI-Ghana designed process to introduce transparency in the renegotiation process
- Use of public hearings

Involvement of TI-Ghana
Independent observer
Disclosing renegotiation deliberations – (public report)
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