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Lord of the flies and Hinduistic belifes of evil

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Aaliyah Burton

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the flies and Hinduistic belifes of evil

"Good and evil of this world of duality are unreal, are spoken of by words and exist only in the mind." - Bhagavatam XI, ch XXII
How does this relate to Lord of the Flies?
Evil in Hinduism can relate to the events and setting of Lord of the Flies through Dharma and the representation of the cow. Dharma and the loss of the cow's legs can relate to the island in Lord of the Flies. In the beginning most of the boys are happy and everything seems to be going as well as expected, but as the story continues and events begin to unfold we see the boys of the island are becoming more greedy and barbaric. Just as the cow looses its legs and becomes less stable, the island becomes more corrupt.
In order to have a better understanding of suffering and evil in Hinduism the central concept of Karma must be observed. The word karma in it's self simply means "action". In Hinduism, karma is defined as the fundamental and universal law of cause and effect. All acts are accumulated during an individuals life and is carried around by that individual through the duration of their life time. Simply put, positive actions have a good effect and negative actions have a bad effect. All these actions are added up in an individual's life time, and when they die these good and bad actions adds up in to a positive or negative balance. A more positive balance leads to a positive rebirth and a more negative balance leads to a more negative rebirth.
Evil in the Hindu belief.
Dharma is the basic order that makes life and a universe possible in the Hindu faith. Dharma is oftentimes depicted by using the image of the cow. When the world is new and perfect the cow stands on all four of it's legs. As time progresses and more negative acts of karma and acts of humanistic greed are committed the cow looses one of it's legs and some of it's stability, as time goes on it looses it's second leg, then it's third, becoming very unstable and imperfect. Sooner or later things will progress to become so bad and unbalanced that the entire world and universe will go up in flames, then to be cleansed the world will be inglufed in water, from that point the world has been cleansed and can begin again.
(the cow is sacred)
This is a representation of how the island began perfect balanced, just as the cow here is depictacted as perfect and balanced.
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