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Bridging the Gap in the U.S.

Bridging the Gap in Mental Health

NBCC Foundation

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Bridging the Gap in the U.S.

What can you do?
Bridging the Gap in Mental Health

Apply for a scholarship:


Volunteer Reviewer
Webinar Presenter
Board of Trustees
What are those

Meet one of our military Scholars
Meet one of our rural Scholars
John LaCreta, NCC
Sexual Assault Response Counselor with his Air National Unit

“I have worked with one client that had a traumatic situation happen to them in college.
A green pin represents an institution with a CACREP program with an NBCC Foundation Scholar
A black pin represents an institution with a CACREP program.
Our Long-Term Vision
Our domestic picture now
Minorities: A new master's level priority for 2014
Bringing counseling to the underserved.
What is a Scholar?

A scholar is a master’s level student in counseling who is a recipient of an NBCC Foundation scholarship and who is committed to working within an underserved minority, military or rural community.
I helped [them] through a rough patch...[They] just reported feeling like they are making real progress.”
Director of Elementary Education-Child Guidance Resource Center

“We've been able to provide services to
children and families in areas where
mental health services are either non
existent or the client would have to travel
a very long distance to obtain

I've had numerous clients, parents,
teachers, and even pastors express their
gratitude for our professional help and
also our willingness to work and stay in
an underserved area.”

Kirsten Passmore
Counselor working with private clinician to serve children and families
The Foundation’s goal is to have scholarships and/or fellowships available to award to students in each of the institutions with CACREP-accredited counseling programs across the United States, bringing almost 300 counselors to underserved communities annually.
A blue pin represents an institution with a CACREP program with an NBCC MFP Fellow.
What is a Fellow?

A fellow is a doctoral student in counseling who is a recipient of an NBCC Minority Fellowship Program financial award, and who is committed to working within an underserved minority community.
How can you help bridge the gap?
and one of our Fellows

David Julius Ford, Jr. MFP Fellow and Doctoral student at Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia.
“I hope to provide counselors and college student personnel effective strategies to improve recruitment and retention rates of African American male students in higher education. I also have a passion for persons battling with addiction to drugs and alcohol and persons living with HIV/AIDS.”
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