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What to know about Women Voters 2016

Presentation for Farm Bureau

Debbie Brown

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of What to know about Women Voters 2016

Women Decide Elections

The Gender Gap: Nationally
Let's Look at Colorado
2008: National Look
Opportunities to get involved
Colorado Women’s Alliance hosted candidate forums, telephone town halls, research briefings and issue roundtables in communities around Colorado.

What you need to know about women voters in 2016

Colorado Women’s Alliance is dedicated to understanding this key demographic target --
women voters -- which is critical to build coalitions, communicate persuasively, advance legislation
and win elections.

Share Your Voice:
Female Voter Turnout by Age Range for 2008-2014

Research: Age Trends
Party registration of women that voted in each year, not registration.

Colorado Voter Segmentation
Colorado Voter Population by Segment

Women Voters by Segment
Research: 2014 Election
Research: 2016 Election
How likely are unaffiliated women to support Hillary Clinton:

14% extremely likely
13% likely
27% somewhat likely
37% not likely to support

The women that voted in 2012 and not 2014 will be back to vote, and they lean towards the Democrat Party.

When looking ahead to 2016, it will be important to use good data for any decision making.

Looking Forward to 2016
Voted in 2012, but Not 2014
355,881 women voted in the 2012 Presidential campaign that did not vote in the 2014 election.
These women are very likely to vote in 2016.

Research: Unaffiliated Women
Focus Groups: Presidential Debates
Messages that appeal to women
Women as Messengers
Message Delivery
Women Decide Elections- a look at the research
8- The number of consecutive presidential elections in which a larger percentage of eligible women have voted than eligible men, back to 1980.
12- The number of consecutive presidential elections in which the number of female voters has been greater than the number of male voters, back to 1964.
Source: CNN
65.7% of eligible female voters who voted in the 2008 election.
61.5% of eligible male voters voted in the 2008 election.
70.4 million women cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election, versus 60.7 million men.
56% of female voters voted for the Democratic candidate
70% of single female voters voted for the Democratic candidate.
Likeability = trust, votes

Don’t overreach on “women’s issues” or pandering, Udall

“war on women” lessons--women aren't one-issue voters and don't want a one issue candidate

Share Your Voice:
Colorado Women’s Alliance recruited and trained a network of women who formed rapid response teams to address issues and attacks day-to-day through emails, websites, blogs and social media. These women were equipped to penetrate media networks with tailored messages to women across Colorado.

Visit our website: http://www.coloradowomensalliance.org/
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/coloradowomensalliance
Follow us on Twitter: @COWomenAlliance
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