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Muay Thai

No description

Hakim Lee

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Muay Thai

Originated from Bangkok, Thailand.
The first record of this unique fighting style come from 700 year old scroll called the Chang Mai Yeng.
Most Muay Thai fighter begin to training as young as six. They trains six hours a day, six days a week and start being professional as young as eight.
All that dedicated work only for one goal-end up fighting in Lumpinee Stadium-which are dream of all Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.
In the past, Muay Thai or more commonly known as Boran - held with no round, no protectitive gear and basicly no rules.
That's all change in 1929 when King Rama reentroduced Boran to the clean sport of Muay Thai.
Modern Muay Thai Regulations
Standard western-sized boxing ring.
Gloves, cup, and mouth guard.
3-5 minutes rounds.
Points are awarded by ringside judges.
Another Type of Muay Thai
Practiced by Elit Group of Thai Soldier.
First introduced in 1960.
Nakkam Diyack is the only military school in Thailand that teaches unique version of Muay Thai called the 'Drick'-created by Colonel Yum Sung Drick.
It's thought only to selected group of soldier.
Focus on the powerful and accurate strikes-which are deathly moves that can kill in a single blow.
Power Angle Kick
Kick straight to the target-enough to crack a rib or a leg.
Elbow Strike
Basicly, its like point a knife to the opponent head. Force being concentred into a small hard area.
Muay Thai known as the art and the science of eight limbs; punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.
Muay Thai use almost the entire body as a weapon. Not just train to use fist but also rely on bond crushing kick.
Two strikes almost unique to Muay Thai; the knee and the elbow. This combination of attack makes Muay Thai is uniquely dangerous martial arts.

Knee Strike
Pull opponent down and strike with the knee.
Like a piston-explosive power comes from double punch direct to the opponent jaw.
Fying Knee
Rely on the explosive power of the leg.
Combination with the hanuman style.
The effect of the Muay Thai attack could bring serious injury. It should not misused.
Muay Thai can be reliable to protect ourself from unexpected situasion.
Human Weapon: Muay Thai (S1-E1)

Muay Thai History. http://muaythai.com.au/history

Muay Thai Origin. http://www.muaythai-fighting.com
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