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Copy of S2 Oceans 04 Honors: Tides and Water Power

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Sean Lee

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of S2 Oceans 04 Honors: Tides and Water Power

Ocean Resource
Reliable Sources
Did you know that some resources come from the ocean? The ocean provides food such as fish, shipping for transportation, tourism as an act for entertainment, mining, climate buffer and oxygen production. Today you will learn about one of my favorite resources, fish. Fish is well know for eating, entertainment and marine study for all ages. By the time you finish this presentation you will have the knowledge of this incredible resource and its captivating process.
Fish which is located in the hydrosphere interacts with the biosphere helping nourish humans and animals around the world. However, their are some pros and cons as listed below. In an addition to that you can see their are more cons than pros.
(In other words food)
Fish can make you sick if it is not properly prepared.
Many fish processing plants end up losing profit and shut down.
This job is very dangerous because of the weather in some areas.
This activity provides a job and a lot of money for their workers.
Guiding Questions
How does using the ocean as a resource interact in both positive and negative ways within each of Earth's spheres? Well pollution is a negative way because it is polluting the hydrosphere. This can then effect the biosphere by making organisms as well as humans sick or killing them. It can also affect the atmosphere and change the weather or climate. A positive way would be that the biosphere is getting food from the animals in the hydrosphere.
Explain in detail the uses and importance of the ocean as a resource. It is important because one day there will be no more fish because we have hunted them all down. Also fish is a food for some animals and if there is no more fish that animal might become extinct.
Does using the ocean as a resource benefit society? Yes, because it supplies us with food and people use catching fish as a way of entertainment.
What needs to be done, if anything, to protect and preserve the ocean if it is used as a resource? Keeping the ocean clean by not polluting the waters can help keep animals alive and other spheres sane.
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