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Medieval vs Renaissance Art

No description

Matthew Genovese

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Medieval vs Renaissance Art

Renaissance Art
- Fill in one chart per group
- Include at least 2 sentences for each piece of art in the category that you think it's a part of
- Reasons can be use of light, perspective,theme,background, artist,realism, subjects.
Medieval or Renaissance?
Medieval Works
Renaissance Art
Looking at the art of our time, what are the most important values of our society?
The David
Florence and Rome
March 18,2015
Aim: How does art reflect the
times in which it was created?

Do Now: What were the main characteristics of Ancient Greek and Roman art?

Medieval Art
Artists who were funded by patrons
- Influence: Humanism and Realism
- Placed focus on the viewer
Colors respond to light
- Full deep backgrounds
- Both religious and non-religious _
Idealized religious themes

Art created by anonymous artists for the Church
- Very plain backgrounds
- Unrealistic depictions of subjects
Important figures were larger
Renaissance Architecture
No longer a practical tradition; became a literary one
Marcus Virtuvius Pollio:
Structure must be 3 things
Fillippo Bruneleschi: Discovered Perspective
Realized that parallel horizontal lines converge at a point on the horizon and that objects of similar size get smaller in the distance.
Inspired by Roman buildings
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