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Logan Fuson

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Sweden

Sweden History Sweden was founded in the 11th century, but wasn't independent untill 1523 when they broke from Denmark in a revolt, a big part was played by Gustav Vasta An important war in Sweden's history was "Svenska Befrielsekriget" (Swedish war of liberation, 1521-1523) that helped Sweden become an independent country. Another great war was the Great Northern War, when a number of states contested Sweden's power in Europe. Gustav Vasa is an important person in Swedish history because he led them to be an independent country. Another important person in Swedish history is King Charles XII because he won many battles in the Great Northern War. Sweden has a population of 9,340,682 people. The different ethnicities are Swedes, the Sweden-Finns, Samis, and Assyrians/Syriacs. Culture Sweden traditional music, called folkmusik, is very alive in Sweden. A normal festival is the spelmansstämma that occurs once a year in most places around Sweden and includes nights of music and dancing. A traditional Swedish dance is the Selga. The Selga originated in West Sweden and is usually danced to a waltz. A traditional folk tale of Sweden is "The Knights of Allaberg." In this story, a poor man walking to the city of Jönköping when he came upon a mansion in Allaberg. He entered the mansion, thinking he could sell some rye, and was in a great hall. He found 12 knights with 12 horses. He touched one of the horses bridles and a voice startled him, he ran away and came to the conclusion that they were the 12 knights that protected all of Sweden from evil. Sweden has a ton of traditional food aging to about 100 years! The most well-renowned Swedish dishes are smörgåsbord and Swedish meatballs. Potatoes are a main side dish in Sweden and are eaten year round. Sweden dishes are eaten all around the world. The largest number of people in Sweden are Lutheran. Due to immigration there is a big diversity of religions, including Muslim, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox Christians. The official language in Sweden is Swedish. Some other languages spoken in Sweden are: Finnish, Meänkieli, Sami, Romani, and Yiddish. Some activities that people do many times in Sweden are: hiking, white water rafting, skiing, and biking. Sports played in Sweden are soccer, hockey, bandy, and other sports. This is Bandy Government The Swedish flag's design, according to mythology, was seen in the sky by Swedish king, Eric the Holy. King Eric saw a golden cross in the sky so he made it Sweden's flag. The flag has a blue backround with a yellow Scandanavian cross from edge to edge. Sweden is the 21st most visited country in the world. Some major tour stops are the Ice Hotel in Kiruna and Galma Stan in Stockholm. Ice Hotel By: LOGAN FUSON The main exports of Sweden are: medicinal/dental products, passenger cars, and telecommunication equipment. Main imports are: household products, telecommunication equipment, and semiconductors. Sweden's main type of government is a constitutional monarchy. Sweden is also a parlimentary democracy. The Swedish currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). Geography The average temperature in Sweden can range from 70 degrees to 20 degrees. The record high was 91 degrees and the record low was -17 degrees. The average rainfall is 24 inches annually. The top five most populated cities in Sweden are : Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmoe, Uppsala, and Kista. The capital city is Stockholm. Gustav Vasa King Charles XII In the north (above the Arctic Circle) Sweden has snow-covered mountains and thick forests, central Sweden has lower mountains in the west that give way to heavily forested hills and ridges, a lot rivers and an estimated 101,000 lakes. In the south there are large lakes (some linked by canals) and widely cultivated plains. Along the Sweden-Norway border there is the Scandinavian mountains, the Kolen (or Kjolen) Mountains in Sweden. Sweden has a jagged coastline with many islands, and innumerable lakes, rivers and streams on it's map. It is very long from northe to south and is surrounded by water to the South West, East, and South. To the North it is bordered by Norway and Finland. To the West it is bordered by Norway. A spelmansstämma Kolen Mountains THE END!
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