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P.E. Presentation

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Matilda Biscaldi

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of P.E. Presentation

Matilda Biscaldi
Eva Gamberini Ready, Steady...
Fitness! What is Fitness? How do we
practice Fitness? Fitness does not bring
only good things... How to Practice Fitness How can we prevent
these diseases? How to do it in a safe way And now that you know everything on Fitness... There are two type of fitness, mental and physical fitness.
Mental fitness= the state of being mentally healthy
Physical fitness= the state of being physically fit. We can practice fitness in many different ways. We may jump, run and do sports, for example:
Table Tennis
and so on Unluckily, not always fitness brings nice and healthy things. If you don't do fitness in a safe way, it can make you sick and have an infection. There are many types of diseases that "attack" you in many different circumstances. We may prevent these disease by simply doing fitness and exercise in a safe way. For example always need to stretch and always do a warm-up before and also after the exercise to prevent getting hurt during and after exercising. Practicing fitness is the simplest thing ever. We may do exercise like running and going in a gymnasium. My only recommendation is to do it in a safe way, and together with someone it will be more fun! We practice P.E. in a safe way by not exposing ourselves to hurt our bodies. Even continuing to do an exercise when you can't any more, is not a safe way of exercising. Be careful to have enough space to do the exercise. We need also to strech and to wear appropriate foot waer while practicing fitness. Good Practice! Cooper Test Fartlek CRABSP CRABS is the acronym for the qualities of fitness= Coordination
Power Beep Test or Multistage Fitness Test The Cooper test consists in a continuous run of twelve minutes. You need to run around the circuit untill the time finishes. The circuit is 100 meters long. Fartlek running is another type of running test or type of training. During Fartlek running a person runs around a rectangular circuit. On the short sideds you walk. On one of the long sides you run and on the other you sprint. Interval running consists of a run in which you must arrive at the other part of the circuit before the "bip". In between each "bip", each time time shortens and you must speed up to keep up with the "bip" untill you are not able to arrive before the "bip" or you are too tired. The Athlete's Foot The athlete's foot is an infiamation of the foot. It is caused by the humidity and germs in public places like swimming pools or gyms. The skin in between the fingers of the feet starts to get red and becomes humid. This is one disease caused by the non- attention in fitness. The Tennis Elbow The Tennis elbow is an infiamation of the elbow. It is caused by the overload or overuse of the swing of the elbow. The elbow bone becomes sore and hurts. This is caused not only by the overuse but also from not stretching before playing tennis. The Tendon of Achilles The Tendon of achilles is the infiamation of the tendon above the ankle. It is caused by not proper footwear and over load. P.s. So just make sure to practice it in
a safe way!!
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