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No description

Laura Byard

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of WIDA ACCESS Test

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment

Used in 36 states to measure growth and instruction English Language Learners

Focus on teaching academic language
in 5 different content areas
What is WIDA?
What is the ACCESS Test?
Writing Camp
Once per year Feb-Mar
Measure academic language in the 5 content areas
Measures in the 4 modalities
Scores students on levels 1-6 in each modality
Overall composite score given
Once you reach 5.8 in all four modalities, you will be exited from the ESL program
Oral Language (speaking and listening) = 1/3
Reading = 1/3
Writing = 1/3
Goal: To "level up" on the WIDA ACCESS Writing Test

Four Days

Wednesday - Practice Test

Thursday - Small group conferences to go over scores and set focused improvement goals

Friday - Analyze writing samples for the level we want to achieve

Monday - Practice skills related to our goals

ELL - English Language Learner
EL - English Learner
ESL - Program

any learner of English whose first or native language is a language other than English
Overall, in MPS,
writing scores
are the lowest
Listening: 20-25 minutes, machine scored

Reading: 35-40 minutes, machine scored

Writing: Up to 1 hour, rater scored

Speaking: Up to 15 minutes, teacher scored
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