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Ipads in Special Education

Katandra School Parent Info Night

Jodie B

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Ipads in Special Education

Example App:
Toca Boca Store
The benefits
Learning style
Many students are
learners. A lot of what we say verbally wont be retained so visual learning tools such as the iPad can be of great benefit.

Practice skills
Ipads provide predictable routines, information, responses and outcomes. As the ipad provides the same response every time, a sequence of steps is followed; this can give the student greater opportunity to gain mastery of skills.

Guided Access:
How to lock kids into a specific app

Ipads in
Special Education

At Katandra we use iPads in a variety of ways. Some of the uses include:

A tool for turn taking and sharing
To facilitate language development
To record voice and articulate words clearly
To document events and activities
To create ebooks
To engage in literacy and numeracy activities
To practice skills
To learn how to problem solve
To teach social skills and play
As a tool for communication

Ipad Tips
List of Great Apps

Ipads at
Katandra School
Example App: Book Creator
Even if bought primarily for your child refer to the iPad as yours. This makes it easier to control access to the iPad as it appears not to belong to the child. However, if the iPad is being used as a communication device the child needs access to it at all times

If you can, use the iPad only for educational software. Use a separate device or an iPhone for games.

Choose apps that complement your child's IEPs. Ipads are an ideal way of reinforcing school learning as well as providing opportunities for other learning.

Don't assume that because the name autism appears in the title or the app is listed in a list of apps for autism that the app is suitable for children on the spectrum. It may just be a marketing tool.

Try to limit apps on the ipad to no more than 9 or 10 . It's a tool, not something to endlessly flick through

(via Sue Larkey)

- Do you know any great apps that you would like to share?

- Do you have any tips or tricks for getting the most out of ipads?
Accessibility Settings:
Text to Speech
Toca Boca Series
Letter School
Word Wizard
Hooked on Phonics
Approach to Montessori Numbers
Jungle time
Jungle coins
Book Creator
Puppet Pals
Ipads provide a non threatening, predictable, non intrusive visual tool through which a student can experience


Independent work skills
Apps and programmes with a structured start / finish, and a set number of components to be completed, can be used to teach, promote and extend independent work.

Ipads can be used as a tool to teach children to take turns and interact with their peers

For students who have difficulty with written tasks, iPads and computers can allow them to produce written work through typing and voice recording.

For students who are highly motivated by technology, iPads can provide an excellent recreation activity.

Job opportunities
Ipads and computers can provide excellent future options for students, as they are suited to the student’s learning style and interest, and require minimum social skills

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