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Brenda Glidden 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

No description

Brenda Glidden

on 30 April 2016

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Transcript of Brenda Glidden 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

Mrs. Glidden's Class--
3rd Grade Curriculum Night- 2014-2015

Before we get started...
Please sign up for a conference, sign up to volunteer throughout the year, look around our classroom
Write your child a note if they are not here.

3rd Graders
Please show your family your work and room!
Morning Routine
* Students arrive 8:20--8:30
lineup outside-through building
*Students will escort themselves to their lockers at the bell 8:30.
*Only students enter building for safety reasons.
School Hours/Dismissal
*8:20-8:30 Outside Line up with supervision
*8:30-8:35 Students proceed to class
*8:35- Students in class- Tardy bell will ring
*3:20- Dismissal--students walk to bus line up with their teacher, to meeting spot, Kidslink, parents should NOT enter the building.
All technology will be implemented in a meaningful way to elicit learning
it should
enhance learning and build new literacies!

--will use a program for practice
Classroom laptops, surface tablets, iPads
through Kidblog--learning how to have collaborative conversations about our reading--
threaded discussions
Voice Thread
Google Docs
for reader response
*Spelling City, Xtra Math, SumDog
*Computerized testing--SBAC
Math Fact Fluency

Goal= 100 add and sub facts in 5 minutes
60% by November
90% by January
*Multiplication and Division facts
0-9, 81-0
85 mixed facts in 5 min. for each
by June. --Problem Solving homework

Social Studies

Integrated with Language Arts
map skills
Geography--Local History CT.
Current Events/Social Studies topics
--Informational text

* Homework is meant to be meaningful. It should help establish routines and good habits that children will carry with them to middle school. (refer to Homework Belief statement in handout)

Reading independently at least 30 minutes per night
Math facts-- paper/pencil, flash cards, computer, games (Xtra Math for facts, Sumdog concepts)
Reading Response--on a blog, on paper, Google Docs
3rd Graders are responsible for their blue folders, snack, any materials and for recording their homework
I will check homework every day
*no excuses except for illness or religious holiday!
15 min.
recess consequence for every day missed in the log.
Education Background

*Trinity College, BA American Studies
*St. Josephs College, Masters in Elementary Ed. Remedial Reading
*Uconn, Masters in Educational Technology

Please have your RED car sign in your windshield
* Philosophy: We believe all students can behave appropriately
*This year we will be using the "Pin" system. If needed, students will move their "pin" down to the correct color.
*The behavior book is signed when a student moves to orange, red, or blue in one day. If a student signs the book more than 9 times the first grading period or more than 6 times during the remaining grading periods, they will not be eligible for extra recess during the 9 weeks celebration.
*Verbal warning
*Move "pin"
*Walking during recess
*Student conference
*Parent conference
*Office visit
*Verbal praise from teacher and peers
*Tickets can be earned for Star passes
*Nine week celebrations
*Bear Brags
*You may bring a healthy snack (approx. 10 AM) to celebrate your child's birthday--fruit, cheese, veggies, yogurt

*email or call to share the delivery time

*Please do not send invitations to pass out unless every class member is invited.
*Students will be allowed to check out 2 books at a time from the library.
*Students will check out books by using their "checkout card" which will stay in their classroom.
Book Orders
*Orders will be sent home about once a month in the Monday Folders.
*Orders can also be placed online at www.scholastic.com/clubsordering
*Orders can also be made with the paper order forms that are returned to the teacher.
**Cash will not be accepted.
PBIS-Building a Positive Learning Community!
*Respect, Responsible, Safe
*Common Language and expectations at Web Hill
*As a building we are focused on noticing and acknowledging positive behavior.
*The goal is to teach by example, to highlight role model behavior and to create a community where nothing less is expected!
DRA, Aimsweb (Fall, Winter, Spring) Fluency and Maze
NWEA is a research-based assessment aligns with the CCS (Connecticut Core Standards) and 21st century skills.
Using computer based questions, this tool will help us to measure academic progress and creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level.

Which state assessments will your child take this year?

Grades 3-5 – Smarter Balanced Assessment (ELA and mathematics)

*1. Warning 2. timeout 3. Reflection sheet 4. call home/principal consult 5. parent meeting at the school

Common Core
*Are clear, consistent, and high-level based on research and evidence

*Align with college and career expectations

*Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher order thinking skills

*Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards

*Are informed by other top-performing countries so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society

*More information can be provided about the standards

Field Trips
Class Parties
*There will be Halloween, Winter and Valentine's Day Parties.
*More information will be published on the blog.
--Reading whole class, small groups, independent
--Reading Response--Journals, conversation, blogging
--Research, Critical Thinking
*Narrative text--fictional and personal
*Informational Text, research writing
*Writing will stress--entire process from pre-writing ---publishing and sharing
*Math Journal
*Letter writing
*Cursive handwriting
*Spelling-- spelling patterns/phonics
Spelling City practice and using spelling handbook during editing

Speaking and Listening
Speaking clearly so peers understand
Active Listeners
Ask and Answer Questions
Learn to listen and continue a conversation about 3rd Grade topics and text
*Place Value
*Fluency of facts--efficiency, accuracy and flexibility
*Mental Math--strategies to solve
*2 step word problems--add and sub within 1000
*Conceptual and problem solving of Multiplication and Division within 100 and know all two one digit facts by memory
*Area and attributes of shapes
*Fractions and comparing Fractions
*Measurement, time ( to the minute) and data

*Properties of Matter--how matter is altered
*Adaptations--diversity of organisms/survival
*Forces and Motion
*Conservation- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-
-Raising money for a Gaga Pit
* phone--860-521-0320 ex 127

*cell phone--text, call--860-830-1204

*email: brenda_glidden@whps.org

*blog-- www.mrs.glidden.us
* My expectation is that 3rd Graders do their best work and try their hardest.
*It is my goal to help them reach their potential as learners but also as people.
* 3rd Graders should be respectful
responsible and safe!
*Social skills are important!

Any questions?
* Balance of Fiction and Non-Fiction
* Reading to learn--More complex text
* Critical and Analytical thinking-
Reader Response Writing--Google Docs
*Independent Reading, Small Group and whole class
*Integration of Social Studies topics
*Collaborative Conversations
*Face to Face and blogging
All children
will leave the classroom with their teacher to go to Kidslink, pickup and bus line up
Routine is for safety and efficiency
Please check in at the office if you are entering the building at the end of the day.

*Westmoor Park-- for our Animal Adaptations Unit

*As a team we are discussing another field trip for a social studies unit or another science unit

*I will keep you informed!
More information will be sent home as it becomes available.
Family and fun!
Life/Teaching Experience

*cooking school,
*stay at home mom,
*Taught Reading Lab and Early Intervention Reading--2 years
*2nd Grade-5 years
*2nd year in 3rd Grade
I believe in teaching children how to problem solve and use their words to solve issues with classmates respectfully.
We practice throughout the day!
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