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Visual Exploration of the themes and ideas in the poem.

Jack Johnson

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of Manhunt

Manhunt The speaker isnt sure if she can proceed in what she is planning to do, in this case the reader uses the word 'phase' revealing that the 'man' is delicate and can be offended or hurt. "After the first phase." This Following line shows that the speaker had a 'relationship' of some sort with the 'man' involved in the poem. 'Passionate' and 'intimate' makes the reader feel as if the relationship was going well and as happy. "after passionate nights and intimate days," "Only then would he let me trace" 'would he' the writer uses this to make it seen as if she couldnt do these thing before she reached a certian stage which proves my point from the first line "first phase", 'let me trace shows that the speaker is special and is the only one allowed to 'trace', the word 'trace' also shows that something must have happened in order for her to trace what 'has' happened, revealing that there is a story behind this peom, she is trying to slowly uncover this story taking care in how she oes it. "the frozen river which ranthrough his face" 'the frozen river' doesnt just describe the scaring on his face but also how the mand is frozen on the inside and must be warmed up to reveal the sanity that is left from the traumatic accident he was involved in. The frozen river indicates ice which could mean that the relationship between the man and his wife is fragile and could break and shatter at any point while he has little sanity. The mental image of a frozen river give me the impression that the man has two sides of him the undertwater depths and dark corners of war and the overwater bright, white happyness of his home and family. "the foetus of metal beneah his chest, where the bullet had finlly come to rest" The 'foetus' is a metaphor of a baby, with a baby you always know its there and you have to take care in how you tend to it and how to handle it, the bullet burried in his chest represents a presence of war in his body, ehich could prove this man was a soldier in a dramatic battle where he could have seen a terrible battle that could have scared or removed his sanity alltogether
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