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02_ARC 299_Week 2- Designing in Section/ Figure-Ground Relationships

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robert alexander

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of 02_ARC 299_Week 2- Designing in Section/ Figure-Ground Relationships

Andreas Gursky
99 cents, (1999)
John Pawson,
Calvin Klein Flagship, New York, NY,(1995)
M.C. Escher
, Sky and Water, (1938)
George F.G. Stanley
, Flag of Canada, (1965)
Lindon Leader
, Fed Ex Logo, (1994)
Giambattista Nolli
, Nolli Map of Rome, (1748)
Fillipo Brunelleschi
, Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore, (1436)
Donato Bramante
, St Peter's (Design-Central Plan), (1503)
Thom Mayne-(Morphosis)
, Crawford House, (1990)
Rem Koolhaas (OMA)
, TGB Tres Grande BIBLIOTHÈQUE, (1989)
Rem Koolhaas (OMA)
, Agadir Convention Center, (1990)
Sou Fujimoto
, Final Wooden House, (2008)
changed to Monday, Feb 1st
Poster information:

Spring 2016

Cal Poly Pomona
Department of Architecture
College of Environmental Design

lecture made possible by the Henry Woo Lecture Series Fund
All lectures are open to the public and held in the IDC (building 89a)
*unless otherwise noted.

April 15th Jason Payne (UCLA, Hirsuta)
AIA Spring Lecture

April 16th Julie Eizenberg (Koning Eizenberg Architects)
Tau Sigma Delta Silver Medal Lecture and Ceremony

April 29th Paul Petrunia (Archinect) Mimi Zeiger (Architect’s Newspaper), Frances Anderton (KCRW- DNA) Christopher Hawthorne (Los Angeles Times)
Panel Discussion on Architecture and Media

May 6th Kyat Chin, (Cal Poly Pomona 5th year)
Lt Shanks Scholarship Recipient

May13th Barry Bergdoll (Columbia University)

May 20th Roxi Thorren (University of Oregon)

You are going to use the path (Pen) tool to draw your poster demonstrating the figure and ground
lock the layer that the poster image is on and make
sure it is visible (the eye)

the pen tool:
left click to start. one click.
do not hold down.
to stop line press esc or return.
to add to a vector start on the anchor
and finish on the anchor to make a closed

the bezier is what happens when you make a line and hold the mouse button down.to edit these use anchor bars.

you can add anchor points to a line by clicking on the left hand corner of the icon and bringing down the add and delete anchors from polygon and lines.
add more and move the line segments
by using "direct" selection tool- the white

so once youve made your trace and diagrammed the poster. turn the poster layer off to show off your work.
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