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To Kill a Mockingbird/The Civil Rights Movement

A timeline of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird and the Civil Rights Movement

Kristal Standridge

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird/The Civil Rights Movement

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The Civil Rights Movement 1954- United States Supreme Court rules in Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, KS, that racial segregation in the public schools is INHERENTLY unequal and, therefore, illegal 1955- Rosa Parks is arrested for
refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery
city bus
-Boycott of Montgomery County city buses officially begins
-Emmett Till, a young African Americanman, is murdered while visiting the South 1956-Autherine Lucy receives a letter granting permission to enroll for classes at the U. of Alabama
-Home of Martin Luther King, Jr. is bombed in Montgomery. King is a leader in the boycott and designated spokesperson
-Motions are filed in U.S. District Court calling for an end to bus segregation
-Violence erupts on the campus of the U. of Alabama campus; the university's Board of Trustees bars her from campus.
-Warrants are issued for arrest of 115 leaders of the Montgomery bus boycott.
-Autherine Lucy ordered by the courts to be re-admitted to U. of Alabama, only to be expelled by the Board of Trustees
-U.S. Supreme Court decides in favor of Montgomery bus boycotters, by ruling segregation is illegal
-African Americans first board buses in Montgomery, according to a first-come, first-served basis 1957-Federal troops sent to
Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce
court-ordered desegregation of schools 1960-Publication of
To Kill A Mockingbird in the Fall.
-In Greensboro, N.C., attempt to integrate lunch counters is thwarted. 1961-Charlayne Hunter enters the U. of Georgia
through lines of jeering white protestors.
-Freedom Riders begin arriving in the deep South to test desegregation. Violence necessitates the deployment of federal troops
-Violence erupts at U. of Mississippi over intergration. 1962-To Kill A Mockingbird is released; the screen adaptation receives 5 Academy Award nominations 1963-Dogs and power hoses are directed at peaceful demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama; America watched on TV news.
-3 Civil Rights workers are found murdered in Mississippi.
-Massive Civil Rights March is held in
Washington D.C. 1964-The Civil Rights Act is passed! 1965-March for Voting Rights is held in Selma, Alabama. 1964-The Civil Rights
Act is passed! 1954-United States Supreme Court rules in Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, KS, that racial segregation was inherently unequal in schools and, therefore, illegal
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