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A Science Investigation; The Three Little Pigs.

Year 1, will conduct an investigation into the properties of materials taking inspiration from 'The Three Little Pigs.'

Hannah Radcliffe

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of A Science Investigation; The Three Little Pigs.

A Year 1 Science Investigation:
The Three Little Pigs This is an investigation into the properties of different materials. Young architects of the future will explore which materials are most useful for building a house. What is the investigation about? National Curriculum Objective
KS1, Sc3, 1d.
To find out about the uses of a variety of materials [for example, glass, wood, wool] and how these are chosen for specific uses on the basis of their simple properties. Using literature as inspiration! The Three Little Pigs, interactive pop up book written by Nick Sharrot and Steven Tucker. Interactive pop up book makes for exciting reading with Year 1 children. Although any version can be used. Cross Curricular links Art: designing and making modeling clay pigs to 'protect' within houses. Literacy: reading and understanding the key features of a text. Focusing on the genre of fairytale. Design and technology: Investigating the structures of houses and what is important when building a house. Investigation Question! There is a rumour that a wolf has come to visit our school. Mr Wolf is very hungry. Luckily enough for us he is allergic to children. But he has heard Year 1 have made some pigs which just happen to be his favourite food...
Our job is to protect our pigs from the big bad wolf by designing the strongest house possible. Talk Partner and Discussion Time Think about:
In the three little pigs why did the brick house not fall down?
In the three little pigs, why did the straw and stick houses fall down?
What other materials could the three little pigs have used?
If you had to build a house to protect yourself from the big bad wolf what materials would you use? Architect Design time If you could use any materials to make a house to protect your pig, which materials would you use and why? Make a list and then on A3 paper, design your house.
Remember: All houses need doors to let people. A roof to keep people dry and windows to let in light! Investigation time Now that we have thought about what materials are the best to make a house to protect people; it's time to design a house to protect our year 1 pigs.
We are going to use different materials found around the classroom to make mini houses. We will then try to 'blow these houses down.' We will then use the strongest house to protect our pigs. Table Tasks Groups will be differentiated and there will be TA and adult support where needed.
Using the resources on your table, work in groups and design the strongest house to protect our pigs.
Table 1: Building a house out of different kinds of paper.
Table 2: Building a house out of lego bricks.
Table 3: Different kinds of sticks including lolly pop sticks.
Table 4: Paper plates and plastic cups.
Table 5: Different kinds of fabrics. Resources Paper clips
Paper plates
Paper cups
Lego bricks
Different kinds of paper/ card.
Lollipop sticks
Sticks from outside.
Hair dyer/ Vortex Cannon to our stand in 'Big Bad Wolf' Predictions Which house do you think will be strongest. Lets vote!
Paper house
Lego house
Paper plate and cup house
Lollipop stick house
Fabric House Preparation Read the story of the 'Three Little Pigs.'
Made clay pigs. Recording which house is the strongest.
Teacher is the big bad wolf with a hair dryer trying to blow down the houses. Call and respond used with children. 'Little pigs little pigs, let me in.'
'Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin.'
Results What have we learnt? Which house was the strongest?
Why was it the strongest?
Was your prediction correct?
How could we make the houses even better? Next steps There is only enough space for one pig in the house.
We need to select a pig to stay in our house.
We will check every day to make sure he is in there happy and safe.
To make sure all our pigs are safe, we will send them home for you to look after them. Big Bad Wolf paper cups
paper plates
lollipop sticks
lego bricks
hair dryer
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