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technique #1

No description

A-aron gilby

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of technique #1

Advertising Techniques
technique #1 (humor)
Technique #2 (Testimonial/celebrity)
Testimonial is the technique that uses expert opinion in
buying a product which can convince you to buy from the expert rather then a average person.
Technique #3 (Bandwagon)
Bandwagon is the technique that makes you
want to buy the product because it's the new thing and everyone is doing it. They make you feel the pressure of being left out
Humor is the technique that
grabs your attention by
making the audience laugh.
It also makes them want the
product because it makes the
audience remember and feel
good about the product.
The technique is used in this commercial because the baby is
saving money which is impossible and they are saying if a baby
can do it anyone can. Target audience is adults that are able to save money

In this commercial the dad was asked by his son were do baby's come from he had to answer quick and came up with funny story. Then they say the car has a answer for everything just like dad. Target audience is people with drivers license
They are promoting Sidney Crosby new line of
sports wear. They are using him in this commercial as a celebrity
to say, hey its Crosby wearing this I should too. They promoted
Sportcheck by saying come buy it here and Sidney was
wearing a jersey with Sportcheck on it. The target audience is athletes.
The Owner and the quarter back were advertising there new
stadium. It's a testimonial because the most important members of the team were saying come to our new building. Target audience football fans. They are also using Bandwagon, they are saying its the new thing everyone is doing it jump on the bandwagon.
The technique is used in this video because
because as soon as the boy opens the bottle
everyone starts dancing and Michael Jackson
joins in so everyone else wants to dance.
At the end they say it's the pepsi generation.
That puts pressure on people not to join in and drink Pepsi. The target audience is everyone because if they don't join in they'll be left off the bandwagon. The other technique used is celebrity because they are using Michael Jackson in the video and he is alot of peoples role model

Technique #4 (Fear)
Fear is the technique used to make
people feel bad about the topic given
by the commercial, and want to help
the situation as much as they can.
The technique is used in this commercial
because they are showing children in
poverty and it makes people feel obliged
to sponsor a child. The target audience
is adults who can afford to sponsor a
Commercial Ratings
1. Etrade commercial 9/10
2. kia commercial 5/10
3. Sc87 commercial 7/10
4. Ny jets commercial 6/10
5. Pepsi commercial 8/10
6. sponsor child commercial 7/10
Thank you !
Celebrity is the technique that
uses famous people using their
product which convinces you more
to use the product because the
celebrity uses it.
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