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The Treatment of Children


Michelle Jimenez

on 23 March 2010

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Transcript of The Treatment of Children

Treatment of Children
Child Labor
Factory Workers

Long Dangerous Hours
Exhausting Jobs
Little Pay
The Rules of Labor
No complaints
Brutal Employers
Responsible for Yourself
they learned how to sew in facteries
they worked at an early age if they did not have a family.

children were beaten,
sometimes very severly
The Hardships of a Child in the Victorian Era
Victorian Era Suburbs
families of six to eight people lived in one room
apartments located by nearby factories.
Class Differences

Wealthy Class
wealthy children were attneded by
a nanny.
tutored by a governess
boys advanced to public school and university
girls learned domestic skills
What Children Learned at School...
Only wealthy children went to school.
boys learned languages and literature
girls learned piano and singing
university was for social connections
girls moved onto French, art and music
Jobs and Conditions
climbing boys (chimney sweep)
sweatshop workers
children as young as 5 or 6 worked
fortunate children became apprentices
chimney sweepers
sweatshop workers
Children of lower class worked as:
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